Daniel Radcliffe claims he never wanted to be a role-model and 'advises' people not to put him on a pedestal despite his glittering movie career. Radcliffe recently admitted to becoming "reliant" on alcohol during the filming of the final few Harry Potter movies.
During a frank interview with GQ Magazine, the British actor claimed, "I became so reliant on [alcohol] to enjoy stuff", adding that he was fortunate the paparazzi never caught his alcohol-fuelled antics on camera. Despite stunning fans with the candid interview, Radcliffe recently told MTV News he never wanted to be a role-model to youngsters, saying, "I don't look at myself as a role model. I would never place myself on that pedestal, obviously. If other people want to place me there, that's up to them". The actor continued, "I would advise them not to because I don't think you should deify any human being. I think it's something that I've grown more comfortable with the idea". Radcliffe instead directed fans towards his character Harry Potter, who he described as a "very, very good role model". The actor claims to have been teetotal since August 2010, instead opting to enjoy the "quiet life" in the company of his girlfriend.
Daniel Radcliffe has reportedly amassed a fortune of $80 million from his role in the Harry Potter franchise. He has homes in London's Chelsea and in New York. The actor is currently starring in the Broadway production of 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying'.