Daniel Radcliffe once made a Japanese schoolgirl faint.

The 22-year-old actor - who played the lead character in the 'Harry Potter' franchise for over 10 years - admitted he had a "Beatle-mania type experience" when he went to meet his fans in Japan because they are such huge fans of the schoolboy wizard.

He said: "They love Potter in Japan. I had my truest Beatle-mania type experience once when I was over there when I was walking through a school corridor.

"I was visiting a Japanese school for a publicity thing and . I brushed a young girl as I was walking past her and I said, 'Oh, I'm so sorry,' And she fainted."

However, Daniel explained he cherishes the experience because he knows having such dedicated fans won't "last forever".

Speaking on tonight's (21.01.12) episode of 'The Jonathan Ross Show', he added: "I had brushed her and spoken to her and it was too much and she fainted.

"And you know, you've got to enjoy that stuff because that doesn't last forever. When you have a moment like that you kind of have to take in how cool it is."

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