Daniel Radcliffe will check into rehab to help him quit smoking.

The 'Harry Potter' star- who has struggled with alcohol addiction in the past - is reportedly checking in to a rehabilitation facility offering counselling, herbal remedies and even sports to help him kick his dependence on cigarettes.

A source told The Daily Star: ''It will be a kind of residential treatment programme, involving counselling, both individual and group stress management and herbal treatments to help withdrawal symptoms.

''There's also a full exercise activity programmed which includes swimming, running and yoga.''

After managing to curb his alcohol addiction, the 24-year-old actor - who allegedly smokes up to 20 cigarettes a day - is determined to conquer his cravings.

The source said: ''Daniel knows he has an addictive personality, and he's been open in the past about his drinking demons.

''Thankfully he managed to kick the bottle. So now he's see's cigarettes as his last major vice to conquer and he is confident he'll succeed once again.''

The 'Woman in Black' actor has previously confessed to ''blacking out'' every time he drank and told how it made him a ''recluse at 20'' who would stay at home and drink alone.

He has said: ''The drinking was unhealthy and damaging to my body and my social life. That's beyond question.

''I was living in constant fear of who I'd meet, what I might have said to them, what I might have done with them, so I'd stay in my apartment for days and drink alone.

''I was a recluse at 20. It was pathetic -- it wasn't me. I'm a fun, polite person and it turned me into a rude bore.''