Daniel Radcliffe has risked irking the Harry Potter community by suggesting he "wasn't very good" in the multi-billion dollar franchise. The 25-year-old, currently starring in indie rom-com What If, admitted that it was a drag watching himself recently in 2009's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

What IfDaniel Radcliffe [L] and Zoe Kazan [R] in 'What If'

"I'm just not very good in it," he told the Daily Mail, "I hate it. My acting is very one-note and I can see I got complacent, and what I was trying to do just didn't come across."

Radcliffe has always been open about the debt he owes to Potter - the character gave him worldwide fame, millions in the bank and, perhaps most important for the Fulham-born actor,  the opportunity to move into 'serious' cinema. He calls the experience "an incredible blessing, because it gave me this opportunity to start a fantastic career."

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Nevertheless, Radcliffe said the nature of the franchise showed his mistakes that "other actors get to make in rehearsal rooms or at drama school."

Of what he's most proud of, Radcliffe said, "My best film is the fifth one...Order of the Phoenix...because I can see a progression."

Radcliffe stars opposite Zoe Kazan in 'What If' - a slick indie-comedy from the same stock as Girls, or (500) Days of Summer. The actor described his character as "someone most like myself," adding, "I'm definitely the geeky guy who wants to be in a relationship.And it was a big thing for me to do a modern-day romance. There was no point in this film where I had to get covered in blood or cry over the body of someone or pull someone out of a muddy bog."

What If had a limited release in the U.S on Friday (August 8, 2014) and opens in the UK on August 20.

Watch the 'What If' trailer: