Daniel Radcliffe is embarrassed to show people his magic tricks.

The 25-year-old actor knows ''a few'' illusions but doesn't feel he can impress people with them because of his most famous movie role, as boy wizard Harry Potter in the popular franchise.

He said: ''I know a few card tricks, but it's hard to break out, 'Anyone want to see a magic trick?' given my former job.''

The 'What If' star - who is dating actress Erin Darke - enjoys working out but is realistic about what he can achieve with his physique and says his main motivation for going to the gym is so he can eat what he wants.

He said: ''I love sushi and cheeseburgers. I will graciously receive either at any moment in time.

''I actually enjoy going to the gym. It lets me keep eating my burgers.

''I usually work out with body weights, but I'm never going to get massive. I'm 5ft 5 and that would look completely ridiculous.''

And though he loves all kinds of food, Daniel admits he isn't very good in the kitchen.

He told Us Weekly magazine: ''I don't make a really good meal in the kitchen. I do make a really good phone call for delivery -- usually for Ditch Plains' mac 'n' cheese.''