Daniel Radcliffe is happy to pay more tax.

The 'Woman in Black' actor - who is thought to be worth around £30 million - would gladly pay a higher rate of tax because he believes it creates a fairer society.

He said: "I think if you make a lot more money than most people - like I do - you should pay more tax and subsidise people who work just as hard as you, but don't earn as much."

Tax is not the only political issue Daniel - who is dating production assistant Rosie Coker - feels compelled to comment on, as he also believes gay marriage should be a right for people across the world.

He told Attitude magazine: "The ultimate reason gay marriage should be legalised everywhere is because, as a kid, you look to your mum and dad and they're married; then you look at the gay couple who've been together for the same amount of time, but because they're not married their relationship doesn't seem the same.

"Yes, gay marriage is about symbolically blessing a relationship but the larger issue is about transmitting a fundamental message about equality.

"Gay people should have equality in law everywhere. If you grow up as a young gay man knowing you don't have the same opportunities as everyone else you're going to feel victimised and massive prejudice towards you."