Daniel Radcliffe accepts he will always be known as Harry Potter.

The 20-year-old actor - who has played the schoolboy wizard in the movies inspired by J.K. Rowling's books since 2001 - realises he will never lose his association with the role as future generations will read the books and watch the films.

He said: "It's a bit like 'Withnail and I'. With 'Withnail and I', every year there is a group of students introducing the next lot to that film."

Daniel also admitted he finds it hard to distinguish between the 'Harry Potter' films, which will eventually total eight.

He said: "They blend into one. Even with different directors. But in terms of the people I see every day, not much has changed - make-up and costume has been pretty much the same right the way through. So it doesn't feel like huge amounts of change."

The sixth film, 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince', gets its worldwide premiere in London next Tuesday (07.07.09).

Daniel has revealed fans will see Harry mature and his relationship with his headmaster Albus Dumbledore will evolve.

He added to Australia's Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "It has always been very much that of student and teacher. Now it is soldier and general. Probably the note I got more than any other on this shoot was a reminder of how high the stakes are."