Daniel Radcliffe can't get rid of the Harry Potter label.

The 23-year-old star doesn't think he'll ever be able to shed the association with the Boy Who Lived after playing the teenage wizard for eight movies, but is hoping people will eventually start recognising him as an actor in his own right.

The 'Woman in Black' actor sighed: ''I do think it will be another few years before we see an article that won't mention Potter. I'm not sure that will happen.

''The goal isn't to stop Harry Potter being written about; that's unachievable.

''The goal is to make myself an actor rather than just one character. I think that's starting to happen.''

Daniel is so self-critical he can only bring himself to watch the fifth and eighth films in the magical franchise, although he is starting to become less hard on himself.

He told Empire magazine: ''I think it's important to be your own toughest critic because that way you'll always be driven to get better.

''But it's important to temper that with being able to give yourself credit for something you're pleased with.

''I was very bad at that before. I was unable to see anything good, but now I'm starting to.''