Daniel Radcliffe has banned himself from drugs and alcohol.

The 24-year-old actor - who shot to fame starring in 'Harry Potter' at the age of just 11 - has vowed not to become like other child film stars by hitting the bottle and dabbling in illegal substances.

He said: ''I love being on a film set.

''Maybe there are some people out there that love premiere parties, I'm not one of them.

''My idea of fun is being on a film set for 12 hours a day and I think as long as that remains the focus, then generally it can go well.

''The thing is there are so many high-profile cases of people who started young and then screwed up.''

The hunky star believes Jodie Foster, 50, was his inspiration for staying on the straight and narrow during the peak of his fame.

He explained: [Jodie] handled her professional and personal life with more grace than almost anybody.''

Daniel also thanked his parents, Alan and Marcia, for their support during his career and credits his friends for being truthful with him.

Speaking during a satellite radio interview, he said: ''All the people that I'm surrounded by are very honest and upfront with me about things and that's how I like it.''