The Daniel Radcliffe movie Kill Your Darlings is sweeping the Sundance Film Festival acquiring mountains of fans in the process and plenty of good press. Despite its being its young director's feature directorial debut, John Krokidas' Kill Your Darlings has garnered an impressive cast, which makes it all the more surprising that Sony Classic Distribution (SPC) managed to nab it for a little shy of $2m, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Kill Your Darlings has its basis in the pre-roots of the beat generation. Allen Ginsberg (Radcliffe) gets caught up in a murder which results in a friendship forming between Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. It is also something of a bildungsroman and a sexual awakening story as a Ginsberg is drawn in by his "impossibly cool and boyishly handsome classmate", Lucien Carr. Starring alongside  Radcliffe, are Dane DeHaan, Ben Foster, Michael C. Hall, Jack Huston, Elizabeth Olsen. So far, the script and the casting has been to the film's credit and it's received almost unanimously positive reviews thus far. SPC's investment was almost certainly well worth it.

Speaking about their acquisition, (SPC) praised Krockidas: "This is an amazing movie, a great American drama, thriller, and perfect evocation of New York in the 1940's as you have never seen on screen before,' they said in a statement. "With an ensemble cast that is truly mind-blowing led by Daniel Radcliffe in a profoundly moving performance as Allen Ginsberg, we are witnessing the birth of a major new American filmmaker."