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Sublime Review

If you have a fear of doctors, do yourself a favor and don't watch Sublime. To put it bluntly: The film is about a guy named George (Ed star Thomas Cavanagh) who is given a colonoscopy on his 40th birthday (way to party, George!), and encounters a series of complications, each more gruesome than the next. Or so we are led to believe... When George's condition and the hospital turn surreal (most notably, when a black man in a bow tie named "Mandingo" (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs) starts dismembering the guy in the bunk next door), we start to question whether George is hallucinating, dead, in a coma, or whether all this stuff is really happening after all.

This is psychological horror, so prepare yourself for some twists. But its first half, in which ominous things occur while George is spending his final night before the procedure and steeling his nerves for it, really ratchets up the tension, scene by scene. Maybe it was just a vaguely anxious mood I was in during my screening of the DVD, but for some reason the hair on the back of my neck was on end for the first full hour of the movie... strangely panicked about what was going to happen next.

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Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 Review

The cinematic event of 1999 desperately wants you to make it the cinematic event of 2000, as the (first) sequel to The Blair Witch Project is rushed into theaters just in time for Halloween. Alas, it's not to be, and soon the original will become regarded as a one-hit wonder and a footnote in the annals of independent film.

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is clearly Made In Hollywood, but it's still trying to pretend to be a documentary. The story this time? In Book of Shadows, the original Blair Witch was "just a movie," but this time it's for real -- this is what happened after all those tourists descended upon Burkittsville, MD, believing the woods to be genuinely haunted.

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The Blair Witch Project Review

The Blair Witch Project has the bizarre distinction of being the first horror film ever to give me nightmares before having seen it. The nightmares will probably continue for awhile, even though Blair Witch is not, contrary to the reports I've heard, the scariest movie ever made.

Not even close. The conceit of The Blair Witch Project is this: Three eager filmmakers go into the woods of Maryland in search of material for a project about "The Blair Witch," a supposed woman who was exiled from the town of Blair during the witch trial era.

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