Daniel Craig has admitted that he wanted to inject some normality into the character of journalist Micaek Blomkvist in the big-screen adaptation of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. Talking to Matt Lauer on the 'Today Show', Daniel Craig suggested that he wanted to remind audiences that his character was still ultimately human.
In the interview Craig stated: 'I wanted to look as much like a normal guy as possible. This guy is a journalist and he works very hard and maybe drinks a little too much, but when the thriller aspect of this movie kicks in, I wanted him to be in danger.' Daniel Craig has already received a wide range of positive reviews from critics about his role, and he further explained to MTV News why he decided to take up the role: 'Look, I'm a [director] David Fincher fan, so it was an easy choice to make when accepting this film. It's a great story. It's an adult movie. The babysitters are going to get, hopefully, a lot of money out of this film.'
The movie, which is based on Steig Larsson's crime trilogy 'The Millennium Series', will be in cinemas worldwide at the end of the month. It consists of Craig's character Micaek Blomkvist teaming up with a young female hacker to unravel the mystery around the disappearance of an heiress. Daneil Craig is also set to reprise the role of James Bond, in 'Skyfall', due for release in 2012.