Daniel Craig has always been pretty upfront about playing James Bond. He's savvy enough to realise his time playing 007 will be remembered fondly by both fans and critics and has made no secret of his intention to get out in the near future.

Craig, now 44, is contracted for two more films after Skyfall - which premieres in London tonight (October 23, 2012) - and the smart money would be on the British star walking away after that. "I am contracted for two more and that seems like a fair few. But I am not going to outstay my welcome. Someone else will have to have the chance to have a crack at this," he told the Metro. After joking that he agreed to the new movies for the money, Craig backtracked, "'No, not even slightly. I love playing it. It's an honour to play it. I really get a big kick out of doing it. I had an opportunity when they gave me Casino Royale to wipe the slate clean because they said we're beginning again." Craig's tenure as Bond has certainly had a fresh feel about it - Casino Royale was the shot in the arm that the franchise badly needed; Quantum of Solace was intriguing, and all the signs point towards Skyfall being one of the best Bonds in years. With Sam Mendes as director (who Craig apparently coaxed into the role while drunk at a party), Skyfall has genuine claims for the major movie prizes this year.

The British star represents a superb piece of casting by the Bond team but will it be another outsider who replaces him? Though Sam Worthington is the hot favourite to take over as 007 in a couple of movies time, don't rule out the likes of Alex O Loughlin and Tom Hardy.