Daniel Craig repeatedly swore and squared up to a fan who took a picture of the James Bond actor on his mobile phone.

The Casino Royale star was leaving London's Harvey Nichols department store with partner Satsuki Mitchell earlier this week when day-tripper Craig Evans snapped the 39-year-old.

"He stormed over and said: 'What the f**k are you doing that for? You've got a f*****g nerve. Can you delete that? Get the f**k out of my face!'

"He squared up to me and he's a lot bigger than me. I was really intimidated. It ruined my day. It was only a picture of his back," Evans told the Daily Mirror.

Movie producer Mitchell reportedly told her partner to "behave and calm down", with Craig saying as he left: "The only reason I'm f*****g swearing is because I'm f****d off with you."

Bond enthusiast Evans told the tabloid that he was "frightened out of my mind".

"I told him I was only taking a picture, that I thought he was a great actor and that I'm a huge James Bond fan," he said.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Craig's turn in Casino Royale had helped the film become one of the top ten highest grossing movies in Britain.

27/04/2007 16:40:16