James Bond actor Daniel Craig discussed concerns about product placement at the Skyfall premiere in London this week. During one scene in Sam Mendes' new movie, Bond is seen drinking bottled Heineken beer - a far cry from his usual tipple, Martini, shaken not stirred.

The move is clearly something to do with Heineken coughing up the megabucks, though it could be argued it also fits with Bond's new direction. Craig's portrayal of 007 is arguably the most 'human' yet, and the British star brushed off any criticism at the premiere this week, telling BBC News, "We couldn't afford to make those movies if we didn't have those sponsors - it's a fact of life and it's been happening for the past 50 years.I don't know what all the fuss is about." Director Mendes also defended the product placement, explaining that sponsorship was particularly important given MGM's bankruptcy, which briefly delayed production of the movie. He said, "The producers come to you at the beginning: 'We have relationships with these six firms - is there anyone you don't want to work with? Any of these you can't fit in the movie?' And you say, 'No I can't do those two, these four would've been in the movie anyway." 

Skyfall has received glowing reviews since its initial preview screenings this week. There's even talk of an Oscar on the horizon, which wouldn't be particularly surprisingly given the quality of the cast and crew.