The first trailer for 'Skyfall' has been unveiled showing Daniel Craig's alter- ego interrogated by agents.

The one minute 24 second clips shows James Bond (Daniel) among a number of explosions, including a tube crash, and there are also scenes depicting a number of coffins with Great Britain's Union Jack flag draped over them and the spy is seen opening fire with a weapon.

M - who is portrayed by Dame Judi Dench - appears briefly in the movie, which is largely focused on the secret agent and her past coming back to haunt her.

Sam Mendes directs the motion picture and he has previously admitted being initially sceptical about casting Daniel as the lead character in the film series.

He explained: ''I was one of the people who said I didn't think he was the right casting.

''At the time I was asked in an interview and I said I'm not sure, I would have advised him not to do it. I was completely wrong.''