Daniel Craig lost weight to star in 'Cowboys and Aliens'.

The James Bond actor - who featured alongside Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde in the motion picture - admitted he wanted to lose some pounds for his role as Jake Londergan, a cowboy who wakes up with no memory, because cowboys shouldn't be fat.

He told Sky News: "I dieted because I wanted to get skinny because I didn't think cowboys should be pumped up."

The 43-year-old hunk - who recently married actress Rachel Weisz in front of just four people in New York - admitted it was his childhood dream to star in such a role and act alongside Harrison.

He added: "I wanted to be a cowboy more than I want to be anything else. I had a plastic Winchester toy gun which was free at a fair.

"It's been a joy, I've been lucky and doing it with Harrison Ford, too, so two for one."