All manner of esteemed guests turned up to the Skyfall premier last night (23rd Oct 2012) in London. Prince Charles and Camilla were there, to give the royal seal of approval, as well as the glittering cast of the production, including; Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Dame Judi Dench, Naiome Harrice, Berenice Marloh and Ralph Fiennes. 

Hundreds of fans also showed up to glimpse the stars, if not get a signature, photo or even a quick kiss, of the cast of what has been referred to as 'the best Bond film ever'. Speaking to Sky News, Craig remained humble. "You just try and make the best movie you can," he said, "and we've had some good response. Now it's up to the audience to make their decisions about it." Indeed, the whole cast have been quick to praise one another, Judi Dench said she was spoilt to be working with the likes of Craig and Bardem, and described Mendes as "a terrific film director... thrilling to work with". Bardem was also full of praise for director. "Sam Mendes has done something very challenging," the BBC reports, "which is to mix the flavour of the classic Bond movies with something more modern." 

Mendes is still in somewhat of a state of shock, as he told SkyNews: "The weirdest thing is that about two weeks ago I was still finishing the movie with about three other people in a dark room - so the big shock is coming out and finding people about to see the movie." Now that the premiere is finally out of the way, we simply can't wait to camp out at the cinema to watch it. The expectations are now sky high, but judging by the talent involved, not ungrounded.