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Mr. Arnold is not the one, that'sgoing to pay the movie price of admission, or T-shirts(magazines,DVD's, etc.) The fans are going to determine,if it makes any where near the $420 office gross(Sony's big loss - ain'tno Spiderman!!)that D.A.D. produced!!Besides, he's no John Barry, or PaulMcCartney!! His soundtracks didn't impress us, or the sales!!. What doeshe know?(not a damn thing!) It tookalmost 2 years, for this screw up!(Casino Royale would've been made &Bond 22, should've been on this timeslot!) Like Cubby said to Babs, - Don'tScrew It Up!!!(Well they did!) The DieHards may watch it, but you lost the ladies, who depend on the hunk, traditional, swave, 007!!(Black hair & like the novels).The producers are not cut from Cubby's cloth.If they were, they'll consider what made20 Bond Hits!! Instead, they let outsidersdecide it's demise!!! Mr. Arnold shouldstick to music, & keep his big mouth shut(his opinions don't carry any weight!!!) DieHard fan, before he was born!!!!!!

Posted 10 years 3 months ago by Jonny Ginsu

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