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Daniel Bruhl (born 06.06.1978) is a German actor.

Childhood: Daniel Bruhl was born in Barcelona, Spain but grew up in Cologne, Germany. His father is TV director Hanno Brühl and his mother is a Spanish teacher. He attended the Dreikönigsgymnasium. He was brought up in a multilingual home and can speak Spanish, German, Catalan, French , English and some Japanese.

Acting career: Daniel Bruhl made his TV debut in the soap opera 'Verbotene Liebe' (Forbidden Love) in 1995. His breakthrough role was in the movie 'Good Bye, Lenin!' with Maria Simon in 2003. He subsequently won a European Film Academy award. In 2004, he was in 'Ladies in Lavender', opposite Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. He was also in 'Love in Thoughts' and 'The Edukators' in the same year. In 2005, he played Lieutenant Horstmayer in the war film 'Joyeux Noël' alongside Diane Kruger. The following year he briefly appeared in 'Two Days in Paris' which starred Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg. In 2007, he had a small role in 'The Bourne Ultimatum' which starred Matt Damon. He had a larger role in Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' alongside Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender in 2009. The same year saw him in the historical drama 'The Countess'. He also opened a production company called Fouronfilm. In 2010, he starred in 'In Transit' opposite John Malkovich. In 2011 he appeared next to Clive Owen in 'Intruders'.

Personal life: Daniel Bruhl split with his fiancé Jessica Schwarz in 2006.

Biography by Contactmusic.com

Captain America: Civil War - First Look Trailer

As the world of Marvel super heroes become ever more entwined, Captain America: Civil War picks up where Ant-Man ends. As the Avengers take on more and more missions, the damage they cause is ever increasing and the government feel it's time to put an end to their unlimited power.

Captain America gains information so sensitive that he knows even his closest friends aren't going to believe it, Captain America and Falcon are alone. With The Avengers now broken into two sides, Captain America believing the superheroes shouldn't be regulated and Iron Man on the other, believing the government have a valid argument.

Can The Avengers overcome their differences and fight a new force that threatens to destroy the world as we know it. Captain America: Civil War sees many of our favourite Marvel character appear, these include: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Black Panther & War Machine.

Burnt Review


Strong characters help hold the attention as this overcooked drama develops, but in the end it feels so concocted that it's difficult to believe. While there's plenty of potential in the premise, the film becomes distracted by irrelevant subplots that try to stir up some tension but never quite manage it. And for a movie about food, the cuisine is simply too abstract to be mouthwatering.

At the centre is Adam (Bradley Cooper), a bad boy chef whose partying ways ended his high-flying career in Paris. After a period of penance in New Orleans, he moves to London to start again, with the goal of finally getting his elusive third Michelin star. Since he has alienated his friends, he turns to Tony (Daniel Bruhl), a guy who always had a soft spot for him and happens to be running a posh restaurant, which Adam quickly takes over. He rustles up some old colleagues (Omar Sy and Riccardo Scamarcio) and hires hot-shot Helene (Sienna Miller) as his sous chef. But his demanding perfectionism is keeping things from running very smoothly.

This set-up is ripe for both black comedy and soul-searching drama, and yet writer Steven Knight throws in irrelevant sideroads including a mandated therapist (the wonderful Emma Thompson), a bitter rival (a jagged Matthew Rhys), a couple of randomly violent loan sharks and a precocious little girl. Even though the actors do what they can to make every scene intriguing, none of these story elements add anything to the overall film. Still, Cooper holds the movie together with sheer charisma, even if his sudden transition from absolute tyrant to cuddly sweetheart isn't terribly convincing. At least he adds some surprising textures to his scenes, and indulges in sparky banter with those around him. And while Miller is solid in her thankless role, even she can't breathe life into such a thinly developed romance.

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Burnt Premiere UK Premiere

John Wells, Sam Keeley, Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, Bradley Coooer , Daniel Bruhl - Burnt Premiere UK premiere held at the Vue cinema - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 28th October 2015

John Wells, Sam Keeley, Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, Bradley Coooer and Daniel Bruhl
John Wells
John Wells, Sam Keeley, Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, Bradley Coooer and Daniel Bruhl

The European Premiere Of 'Burnt' Held At The Vue West End

Daniel Bruhl - The European Premiere of 'Burnt' held at the Vue West End - Arrivals at Vue West End - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 28th October 2015

Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl and Bradley Cooper

'Burnt' U.K. Premiere - Arrivals

Daniel Bruhl - 'Burnt' U.K. Premiere - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 28th October 2015

Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl, Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Sam Keeley and John Wells
Daniel Bruhl, Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Sam Keeley and John Wells

2015 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

Daniel Brühl - 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) - Celebrity Sightings at STORYS - Toronto, Canada - Sunday 13th September 2015

Daniel Brühl
Daniel Brühl
Daniel Brühl

Burnt - Teaser Trailer

Restauranteering is not a profession that should be taken lightly. Indeed, it's less of a job and more of a way of life for Adam Jones, who has wanted to become the greatest chef the world has ever seen since as long as he can remember. He was just 16-years-old when he left school to go to Paris and achieve his dream; becoming a Michelin star chef infamous across the Parisian culinary scene. But his rise to success came much too soon, and it wasn't long before his dream began to crumble around him, beaten by a life of drugs, violence, and volatile behaviour. With many of his opponents thinking him dead, he returns to London a new man to reignite his passion, earn a third Michelin star, and open the best restaurant in the world. All he needs is a talented team behind him, who is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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'Captain America: Civil War': Marvel Announces Cast & Plot Synopsis

Chris Evans Scarlett Johansson Jeremy Renner William Hurt Sebastian Stan Anthony Mackie Emily Vancamp Don Cheadle Paul Bettany Elizabeth Olsen Daniel Bruhl Martin Freeman Chadwick Boseman Avengers Paul Rudd

Marvel has announced the cast of Captain America: Civil War and it looks like pretty much everyone from the Avengers world will return alongside Chris Evans as Steve Rogers. The news was announced by Marvel on Thursday (7th May).

The AvengersChris Evans' Captain America will lead the Avengers team in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

Read More: Martin Freeman Joins Cast Of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.

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Woman In Gold Review


This fascinating true story is strong enough to hold up against the formulaic Hollywood treatment, boosted by another riveting performance from Helen Mirren. She adds some badly needed prickly humour to the film, which continually resorts to unsophisticated sentimentality as it traces a remarkable series of real events. And it helps that the story has some intriguing things to say about both art and history.

It opens in 1998 Los Angeles, where Maria Altmann (Mirren) has discovered some documents in her late sister's belongings that refer to a beloved portrait of their Aunt Adele (Antje Traue in flashbacks). The problem is that the painting is Gustav Klimt's Woman in Gold, which is regarded as the "Mona Lisa of Austria" and held in pride of place in the national gallery. Since Austria has begun restoring art stolen from its citizens by the Nazis, Maria hires novice family-friend lawyer Randy Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds), who quickly realises the futility of the case. But they travel to Vienna to begin the process, getting some help navigating the system from local journalist Hubertus (Daniel Bruhl). Sure enough, the Austrian government fights Maria at every step of the way.

The compelling argument in this film is that if Austria acknowledges that this national treasure was stolen, it implicates the government and the population in complicity with the Nazis. And that's something no one is willing to do. There's also of course the issue of greed, since Woman in Gold is worth $100 million. But Maria's simple question is why the painting's value or status matter when its true ownership is so clear. Director Simon Curtis and writer Alexi Kaye Campbell wisely dash through the series of hearings, court cases and appeals, while emphasising this undeniable fact of the case. Although this also simplifies most scenes into little more than "Nazis bad, Jews good". While the flashbacks to Maria's past are moving and informative, Randy's sideplots feel irrelevant and undercooked, featuring his pregnant wife (Katie Holmes) and sardonic boss (Charles Dance).

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Dame Helen Mirren Wants To Star In A 'Fast & Furious' Film - And Yes, You Did Read That Correctly!

Helen Mirren Ryan Reynolds Daniel Bruhl Katie Holmes Tatiana Maslany Jonathan Pryce Elizabeth McGovern Charles Dance Max Irons Vin Diesel

Helen Mirren is not a woman to turn down difficult roles. She has, after all, played three different Queens of the United Kingdom and, in a voice part, the Queen of Egypt. Yet there is nothing 69-year-old Mirren would like more than to star in a Fast and Furious film and do her own driving stunts.

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren would love to be in a Fast and Furious movie.

Read More: Helen Mirren Brings The Queen To Broadway In Speculative Drama The Audience [Photos].

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The Face Of An Angel Review


By taking a fictionalised approach to the Meredith Kercher murder case in Italy, filmmaker Michael Winterbottom sets out to show how tricky it is to find the truth in any case, but he actually ends up proving how impossible it is to make a movie based on complex, unresolved real events. The film has a fascinatingly mysterious tone to it, but never comes together into something the audience can properly engage with, mixing big themes with bizarre filmmaking flourishes that only serve as a distraction.

It centres on Thomas (Daniel Bruhl), a London-based filmmaker who flies to Sienna to make a movie about the case of a student (Genevieve Gaunt) who's been charged with brutally killing her flatmate (Sai Bennett). Thomas immediately locates the foreign press corps, which hangs out together to cynically discuss the case. And he starts working with Simone (Kate Beckinsale), who's writing a true crime book. But Thomas is worried that there are too many layers to the story for a movie, and he becomes increasingly confused after consulting with Edoardo (Valerio Mastandrea), an expert on the case who also wants to be a screenwriter. To try to find the root of what happened, Thomas hires the sexy young Melanie (Cara Delevingne) to show him around town.

All of this is complicated by the fact that Thomas has a coke addiction and is reading Dante's Inferno, which combines with his imagination to cause freak-out hallucinations that make everything even murkier. Winterbottom builds this atmosphere beautifully, but falls short of establishing the fever-dream style of an Italian Giallo horror movie. This is mainly because he's trying to have it both ways, creating a wildly disorienting mystery while at the same time trying to make a pointed comment on how the media exploit a personal tragedy.

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Woman In Gold - Trailer And Clips

When the Nazis took over Vienna prior to the Second World War, they stole countless, priceless artefacts. One of these artefacts was the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, and an Austrian Holocaust survivor has the perfect claim to it. Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) hires Randol Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds), a lawyer of Austrian decent, to help her become once again acquainted with the famous painting of her aunt. The problem is, that the painting is held in a Vienna art gallery, and the Austrian government are adamant in keeping the national treasure. Altmann, on the other hand, is desperate to get back what is rightfully hers. 

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Eva Trailer

In 2041, mankind has managed years of living side-by-side with robots. Álex (Daniel Brühl), is a renowned cybernetic engineer, returning to Santa Irene after a ten-year departure. Once there, he is reunited with David (Alberto Ammann), his brother, to help with the final stages of the most advanced robot on the planet. David and his wife, Lana (Marta Etura), have successfully created a robot child, named Eva (Claudia Vega). The problem is, Álex’s arrival drags up history between he and Lana, and there is also a special connection he shares with Eva. Family, love, and humanity will be tested by the events that follow.  

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Cara Delevingne Swaps Modelling For Mystery And Murder In 'The Face Of An Angel' [Trailer]

Cara Delevingne Michael Winterbottom Daniel Bruhl Kate Beckinsale

Cara Delevingne returns to the big screen in Michael Winterbottom's psychological murder thriller 'The Face Of An Angel' based on the true case of Amanda Knox. It marks the first of a string of movies she has lined up to properly kick start her acting career.

Cara Delevingne in 'The Face Of An Angel' 1
Cara Delevingne plays a tour guide in 'The Face Of An Angel'

The charismatic British model, best known for her extraordinary eyebrows, will make her second feature film appearance, having previously starred as Princess Sorokina in the 2012 adaptation of Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina'. This time she plays a tour guide named Melanie who befriends a filmmaker named Thomas (Daniel Bruhl) in this unusual story of a brutal murder, with an unlikely suspect at the bottom of it. When a beautiful young woman named Elizabeth (Sai Bennett) is found dead in Italy, her supposed friend Jessica (Genevieve Gaunt) immediately faces scrutiny; however, with her own good looks, she seems just as unlikely a perpetrator as Elizabeth was a victim. Kate Beckinsale plays Simone Ford, a writer who's been obsessively covering the case from the beginning.

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The Face of an Angel Trailer

In 2007, a young British student was brutally sexually assaulted and murdered in the room of an Italian house. Her American roommate is arrested and tried for the murder, but there's a problem. The girl looks far too innocent for anyone to convict her of the horrific crimes she has been accused of. When a journalist and a documentary filmmaker arrive on the scene, they join together to try to get to the bottom of the crime, all the while raking up more and more of the dirt surrounding the case. 

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Daniel Bruhl

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