After starring in just a few comedies, Sandra Bullock has established herself as the go-to actress to play the loopy, disheveled, well-intentioned woman of today. Her characters may possess poise and beauty, but they're hidden beneath the exterior of a girl who prefers chili dogs and wiping her nose on her sleeve. Although the gimmick may be a little stale, Bullock continues to play the hell out of it, as she does with co-star Hugh Grant in Two Weeks Notice. This should come as satisfying news to moviegoers that helped Miss Congeniality earn over $105 million at the box office.

But Two Weeks Notice has appeal beyond being a Sandra Bullock vehicle or a standard romantic comedy. Although Bullock does have her routine primped and polished, Two Weeks Notice benefits from more: a snappy, likable script by writer/director Marc Lawrence (writer of Forces of Nature and Miss Congeniality) and a witty, near-flawless performance by Hugh Grant.

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