Shot piecemeal over a couple of years, Four Dead Batteries is a winning, though simple, movie that does justice to the grown-up sex comedy, a fair successor to films like Clerks, films which know that it takes grown-up problems to properly up the ante in a relationship -- and that's where you can find the humor in the situation.

The titular Batteries are an improv comedy troupe in New York (Patrick Dall'Occhio, Benjamin Travers, Rob Webber, and Dave Zubradt), and when they're not performing, they're suffering through near-midlife crises of various degrees. Specifically, each of them has women troubles. One's in a troubled marriage and his mistress isn't working out. One's married and trying to avoid the dreaded baby. One's just been dumped on the eve of his wedding. And one's a swingin' single that finds himself -- gasp -- falling in love with a real live girl! It's like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, only with old dudes. And no pants.

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