Filmmaking lesson #1: When you have a reasonably big star in your movie, don't keep him locked up in a prison cell for the entire time. I mean, it worked for Hannibal Lecter, but Written in Blood is no Silence of the Lambs, though it would desperately like to be.

Peter Coyote is our hapless jailbird, a cop named John Traveller who's suspiciously jailed after murdering his wife and her lover. Or did he? Maybe he's taking the fall for someone else? No matter, there's another serial killer on the loose, and he's leaving clues behind, all references to Sherlock Holmes mysteries. That's right, we've got to deal with Sherlock Holmes as a plot device. This leaves troubled cop Matthew Ransom (Michael T. Weiss, the poor man's Andy Garcia) to try to figure out the case -- and Ransom seeks help from Traveller, a la Clarisse.

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