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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them - Teaser Trailer

Long before the time of Harry Potter, wizards and witches still lived their lives in the muggle world as well as the wizarding world that was still governed by the ministry of magic.

Even though 'he who shall not be named' wasn't causing chaos for the wizards, they still had problems of their own. Largely these were monsters and beasts that come from far and distant lands. Newt Scamander is one particular wizard who is fascinated by these creators and when a selection of these terrible beasts are mistakenly released into the muggle world, Newt finds himself suddenly thrown into untrodden territory.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was originally written as a book by JK Rowling. The book studies 83 of these mystical creators all of which Newt has discovered.

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Colin Farrell Joins Cast Of ‘Harry Potter’ Spin-Off, ‘Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them’

Colin Farrell Harry Potter Jk Rowling David Yates David Heyman Eddie Redmayne Dan Fogler Katherine Waterston Steve Kloves Ezra Miller

Colin Farrell has joined the cast of the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The 39-year-old actor will play a wizard in the upcoming film, due to be released in 2016.

Colin FarrellColin Farrell at a screening of Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet in Los Angeles in July 2015.

Read More: J.K. Rowling Hints At 'American Hogwarts' In Fantastic Beasts Film.

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Don Peyote Review


The most surprising thing about this comedy is that it's not very funny, but then it's not meant to be. This is a trippy odyssey into the mind of a drug-addled guy who thinks the world is falling apart around him. Sure, it's fitfully amusing, but it's also harrowing and utterly bonkers. And there are some moments of sublime emotion in there too.

Dan Fogler stars as Warren, a 33-year-old unemployed graphic novelist who is haunted by dreams about the world ending on 21st December 2012. But there's another date approaching much sooner that has him even more shaken: his wedding to his rather too-hot fiancee Karen (Kelly Hitchinson), who is trying to get pregnant as she plans the big day. Then in a peyote-induced stupor, Warren becomes convinced that he has been given some sort of psychic insight into the apocalypse, and asks his best pal Balance (Yang Miller) to help him make a documentary film about the strange events going on around him. And things get very strange indeed.

Written and directed by Fogler and Michael Canzoniero, the film flickers back and forth between Warren's luridly coloured drug trips and his even more jarring lucid moments. Every scene is packed with existential chatter, like a Woody Allen movie for potheads, while the tone swings wildly between dark drama, broad slapstick and even a couple of zany musical numbers. Which is appropriate for a film set in the mind of a man who isn't always sober. It's not easy to watch this slobby nice guy lose his mind, but there are observations along the way that add strong resonance.

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Free Birds Review


An energetic sense of the absurd helps make this animated romp entertaining, even though the script is almost painfully stupid. But the pace is so brisk, and the stream of deranged jokes so continual, that kids will find it hilarious and grown-ups won't be able to stop smiling. So who cares if the story makes no sense at all?

Our hero is a scrawny turkey named Reggie (voiced by Wilson), who's an outcast on his farm because he's both smart and naive. When he's accidentally pardoned by the US President on Thanksgiving, he's living the high life until the meathead turkey Jake (Harrelson) kidnaps him, ranting about a mission to travel back in time to stop the pilgrims from starting the Thanksgiving turkey tradition to begin with. Sure enough, they find a time machine and off they go to 1621, where they team up with a colony of native American turkeys led by Broadbeak (David) and his feisty daughter Jenny (Poehler). But they're also being pursued by a relentless human hunter (Meaney).

The screenwriters conveniently ignore the fact that more turkeys are eaten globally at Christmas than at America's Thanksgiving, but never mind. They also pack the script with a continuous stream of riotously warped gags, random movie references and crazed action sequences. Although even a 5-year-old will be confused that 17th century pilgrims are rendered more like 19th century cowboys. This continual sense of incoherence gets even more annoying later, when the plot abandons even its own tenuous sense of logic. But by then we have realised that it's pointless to resist.

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'Scenic Route' Spirals Into A Dark Survival Tale Of Two Friends [Trailer + Pictures]

Josh Duhamel Dan Fogler

Scenic Route has finally been released on DVD in the USA after enjoying a limited, but well-received summer cinema outing. This Michael and Kevin Goetz, Josh Duhamel-starring indie premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival last March, which means you may have missed this surreal psychological thriller the first time round.

Scenic Route Josh Duhamel Dan Fogler
Josh Duhamel & Dan Fogler Are Two Friends Whose Roadtrip Goes Awry.

Here's why you shouldn't let it pass you by now: Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler star in a movie of two halves. A man with a seemingly perfect life embarks on a roadtrip with one of his lifelong friends but their desert drive takes a darker turn when they break down in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal.

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Scenic Route Trailer

Mitchell seemed to have the perfect life with a beautiful wife, a family, nice house and a successful career. However, he finds himself missing old times from his youth and so embarks on a road trip with a friend who has known him his whole life, Carter. During the long trip, their pickup truck breaks down in the middle of a desert road leaving them stranded with no signal on their cell phones to call for help. It's not too long before a supposed stroke of luck, though, when another car stops to help them. In a strange turn of events, Carter waves the other driver away insisting that they hadn't actually broken down, and admits to a furious Mitchell that he took a wire out in a bid to have a catch up with his old friend. They do talk, but as the frozen desert night air overcomes them, tensions arise as they begin to criticise each other's lives - an argument that very quickly turns nasty.

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New York Premiere - 'Don Jon'

Dan Fogler - New York Premiere of 'Don Jon' at SVA Theater - Red Carpet Arrivals - New York City, NY, United States - Thursday 12th September 2013

Premiere Of Vertical Entertainment's "Scenic Route" - Red Carpet

Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel - Premiere Of Vertical Entertainment's "Scenic Route" At the Chinese 6 Theater - Hollywood, California, United States - Wednesday 21st August 2013

Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel
Kevin Goetz, Josh Duhamel, Dan Fogler and Michael Goetz
Dan Fogler
Kevin Goetz, Josh Duhamel, Dan Fogler and Michael Goetz
Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel
Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel

Well, Whad'Ya Know? Josh Duhamel's 'Scenic Route' Is Actually Pretty Good

Josh Duhamel Dan Fogler

Poor old Josh Duhamel. He's the Hollywood hunk husband of Stacy Ferguson with a credits list that ranges from average to truly and inexplicably awful. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel for old Josh, it's called Scenic Route.

Duhamel's past few years in film haven't been good to him. Actually, they've probably been rather good to him financially, with a slurry of fluffy rom-coms and bad comedies ripped apart by critics, though guzzled down by the cinema-going masses. There was Safe Haven, with Julianne Hough. There was Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Or how about Movie 43?  

The latter was a film that Mark Kermode commented, "[To say Movie 43] wasn't funny was a staggering understatement. But much worse it was something far creepier than not funny, it was a film that actually made you suspect there was a conspiracy involved to get all these people in this movie," adding, "The problem wasn't reviewing it, the problem was simply how to describe it without overstepping the lines of taste and decency." There was also New Year's Eve, Life As We Know It and others.

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Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Scenic Route'

Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel - Los Angeles Premiere of 'Scenic Route' at the Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Tuesday 20th August 2013

Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel
Dan Fogler
Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel

Scenic Route Los Angeles Premiere

Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel - Celebrities attend Scenic Route Los Angeles Premiere at Chinese Theater 6 - Hollywood. - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Wednesday 21st August 2013

Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel
Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel
Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel
Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel
Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel
Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel

Europa Report Review


A bracingly original approach to both science-fiction and the found-footage genres makes this eerily realistic thriller well worth a look. Director Cordero may indulge in a variety of gimmicky and manipulative tricks, but he keeps everything grounded, as it were, and his expert cast makes sure that we are drawn into the story as it progresses. Which makes the conclusion startlingly intense.

After six months in space, the feed from the Europa One mission suddenly went blank, leaving Earth to wonder what was happening in humanity's first deep-space voyage. Unknown to the mission commander (Davidtz) in Houston, the six-person crew has continued on course to Jupiter's moon Europa, where they plan to explore whether there are conditions that could support life. When they arrive, their landing doesn't go quite as planned, and their experiments reveal things they couldn't possibly have expected. They also finally get a chance to send their video footage back to mission control.

What we're watching is an assembly of this footage, taken both inside and outside the ship as they travel, intercut with the commander's comments. Cordero directs all of this exactly like scenes we've seen from Space Shuttle missions, so it looks all too real, complete with a crew of complex experts. Marinca is terrific as the soulful pilot, with the charismatic Camargo and the curious Wydra as scientists, and the cheeky Copely and the intriguingly shaded Nyqvist as mechanics. This cast of acclaimed actors really raises the bar, adding layers of interest without ever seeming to act at all.

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Free Birds Trailer

When Reggie the Thanksgiving turkey fails to convince his incredibly stupid feathered friends that they are being fattened up for an approaching feast, he is soon alienated from them. However, things are looking up when he is rescued by the President and even enjoys nibbling on pizza late at night in his luxurious new home. But when militant turkey Jake shows up, it's clear that he's not destined for a life of peace as he is enlisted on a death-defying mission to go back in time to the first thanksgiving and scratch out the traditional festive dinner and save the lives of thousands of their kind. 

Directed by Jimmy Hayward ('Horton Hears a Who!', 'Jonah Hex'), this hilarious animated adventure has a star-studded cast that will keep everyone - both adult and child - in rib-cracking hysterics long after it hits screens. It has been written by Hayward, Scott Mosier ('Clerks: The Animated Series'), David I. Stern ('Open Season 2') and John J. Strauss ('There's Something About Mary', 'The Santa Clause 2') and will arrive just in time for thanksgiving to perhaps persuade you to go vegetarian this holiday season. Watch it as it hits theatres in the UK on November 29th 2013.

Free Birds Movie Review - Click Here To Read

Comic-Con 2011 Day 4 - Entertainment Weekly Party - Arrivals

Dan Fogler Sunday 24th July 2011 Comic-Con 2011 Day 4 - Entertainment Weekly Party - Arrivals San Diego, California

Dan Fogler

Take Me Home Tonight Review

He built his name on That '70s Show, and now Topher Grace stars in, produces and came up with the story for what should have been called That '80s Movie.

Clearly, the intention was to recreate the vibe of 1983's freewheeling romp Risky Business. And while it's good fun, it's also forgettable.

Matt (Grace) was a high-achiever in the class of 1984. He's just earned a top four-year engineering degree from MIT, but has no idea what to do with the rest of his life. Then one day he bumps into his high school crush Tori (Palmer) and pretends to be a successful banker. Soon he's invited to a cool party at the home of Kyle (Pratt), the hard-partying boyfriend of Matt's twin sister Wendy (Faris). And when Matt's goofy pal Barry (Fogler) tags along, it becomes clear that trouble won't be too far behind.

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