It's the middle of the dot-com mega boom. Two bright-eyed twenty-somethings drive luxury sports cars down the Silicon Valley freeways, chatting on cell phones about money and meetings. Here's the gag: they're actually in adjacent cars and arrive to work at the same place. Unfortunately, this is some of the stronger and more coherent humor in this lifeless attempt at a big business comedy.

Jon Favreau claims partial responsibility (as co-screenwriter) for this stumbling mess, a film that could've used dark humor and the luxury of retrospect to comment on the freakish habits of our late 1990s Internet culture. (The script, in theory at least, is based on Po Bronson's novel.) Instead, Favreau, screenwriter Gary Tieche (creator of TV's MDs), and director Mick Jackson (L.A. Story) play it as safe, as slow, and as vanilla as possible.

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