Rap mogul Damon Dash has embarked on a new career - as a boxing promoter.

The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dash plans to start a fighting promotion company called DASH DiBELLA PROMOTIONS, after joining forces with former HBO executive and boxing promoter LOU DiBELLA, whom he met on a plane while returning from watching a boxing bout.

And Dash tells website ALLHIPHOP.COM that he has already enlisted boxers GARY STARKS, CURTIS STEPHENS and ANDRE ALBERTA, among others.

He says, "They all got 10-0 records, they all like to knock ni**as the f**k out. I'm just glad to be this close to something I love.

"I just want to come in this game and make a difference and have a lot of fun while I'm here. I just like to empower people."

27/01/2005 02:40