British rocker Damon Albarn is hoping to release an album of songs from his new opera, which is inspired by "medieval church music".
The brains behind Blur and Gorillaz has been busy writing Doctor Dee, an opera about 16th century English scientist John Dee, and he wants to eventually hit the studio and record the compositions for an album.
He explains, "We called it an English opera because it's not traditional. I've been listening to a lot of medieval church music for inspiration. I've written 10 songs and I would love to do an album of them. But I'll have to finish writing it first, that's the main thing to worry about."
Albarn has also assured fans his latest opera venture isn't too dissimilar from his other projects, adding: "You'll recognise everything in the opera from work I've done before - I don't want people to think I have gone all New Age."
Doctor Dee is set to premiere in Manchester, England next month (Jul11).