Damon Albarn never writes with a specific project in mind.

The 'Beetlebum' singer - who released his debut solo album, 'Everyday Robots', last year and also records with Blur, Gorillaz and his Africa Express collective, as well as working on stage productions - admits he isn't ''organised'' enough to know what he is working on at a particular time, so works out what will suit which of his efforts after the songs are written.

He said: ''I don't make music with any paticular thing in mind. It's what comes out on any given day and then I think about it later.

''I don't think about what's for which project - it would be exhausting for a start, and I'm not that organised.

''Obviously later in the process you think, 'That person would play that fantastically', but it all just starts with me and the piano.''

After completing work on his planned stage musical, Damon is thinking of recording a new Gorillaz album as some of the material left from his solo sessions would suit the animated band.

He told NME magazine: ''I'm doing a musical and then I might do another Gorillaz record then I might do another solo record...

''I have so many songs. I gave some of them to Richard [Russell, collaborator] for my solo record but they were a lot more upbeat, whereas with 'Everyday Robots' we made the decision for it to be a sad, slow, introspective record. So I've got a lot of songs, but I don't know if I'll use any of them.''