Damon Albarn says Americans are confused by his eclectic career.

The 46-year-old star, who has released his solo record 'Everyday Robots', admits he's worked with so many different US acts, but they often don't realise what he's achieved in his career.

He said in an interview on BBC Radio 2: ''I never thought about making a solo record, but I suppose in a way, it is an opportunity for me to be able to draw in all the different things I've done into one place.

''You can, in a way, become a victim of your own sort of eclectic nature. I've done so many different things with different people, it's amazing how, especially in places like America, they have no idea I'm the same person who did Gorillaz and did Blur ... they have no idea whatsoever. In fact, [they're like] 'Who is this Damon Albarn?' ''

Damon worked with XL Recordings boss Richard Russell on the new album and insists it was him who persuaded him to get back into the studio.

He explained: ''Richard came in, in quite a serious mood, and said, 'I would like to produce you and I'd like to make a record with you that's very autobiographical and very minimalist.'

''Once you start you've got to go for it and be as open as you can, I don't think there's any point [in not doing so].''