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Gallagher Brands Albarn Feud 'Pathetic'

8th December 2008

OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER has heaped praise on rock rival DAMON ALBARN - branding the former BLUR frontman a "great artist". The pair famously swapped insults during their 1990s Britpop heyday, with the feud boiling...

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Fascinating Fact 6481

3rd December 2008

After his concerts in London last month (Nov08), KANYE WEST unwound by playing a game of Connect 4 with GORILLAZ creator and BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN....

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Blur Planning 2009 'Rehearsals'

26th November 2008

DAMON ALBARN has confirmed the members of BLUR are heading back to the recording studio in 2009 - to see if they can salvage their relationship. The Britpop band spiralled downwards after guitarist Graham Coxon...

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Blur Reunion On The Cards?

6th November 2008

DAMON ALBARN has hinted he is to reunite British rockers BLUR after spending time with his former bandmate GRAHAM COXON. The Britpop pioneers have been on hiatus since 2003, with bandmembers working on side projects...

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V V Brown Annouces UK Tour

22nd October 2008

New upcoming songstress V V BROWN has just left for Lagos, after an invitation from DAMON ALBARN to perform on his African Express adventure. V V Brown will also be performing at the London African...

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Rufus Wainwright's Opera To Premiere In UK

13th October 2008

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT has penned his debut opera, which is set to premiere in Manchester next July.PRIMA DONNA is being produced in partnership with Opera North and will tell the story of a fading Parisian opera...

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The Things They Say 9759

5th October 2008

"Even if I wanted to, how would I go about writing an opera... I don't think two blokes having the same f**king argument for 16 years over and over is the stuff of an opera....

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Coxon Vows To Save Blur

24th September 2008

Former BLUR bandmates DAMON ALBARN and GRAHAM COXON are at war again - this time over whether or not the British rock band will reunite. Albarn recently called time on the Park Life hitmakers, telling...

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Gorillaz To Return From Retirement For Sixth Album

23rd September 2008

DAMON ALBARN is bringing his band GORILLAZ out of retirement for a sixth album, just months after announcing the CLINT EASTWOOD hitmakers were finished for good. The former Blur frontman reveals he and co-creator Jamie...

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Albarn Demands Music Education In Schools

8th August 2008

Former BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has called upon the British government to force children to be taught music in school - to encourage the next generation of budding rock stars. The singer/songwriter, who studied classical...

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Fascinating Fact 5723

31st July 2008

Former BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN is obsessed with table tennis - and has played against members of the British Olympic squad....

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Fascinating Fact 5677

25th July 2008

GORILLAZ founders DAMON ALBARN and JAMIE HEWLETT have reteamed to create an animated clip promoting BBC coverage of the Beijing Summer Olympics. The video is inspired by Albarn's new opera, Monkey: Journey to the West,...

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Albarn's Bid To Change Music

22nd July 2008

Former BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN formed his virtual band GORILLAZ because he was growing bored of the music industry. Visual artist Jamie Hewlett and Albarn were so fed up with the state of the music...

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Damon Albarn 'Was Tired Of Blur'

21st July 2008

Damon Albarn was tired of fronting BLUR when he decided to focus on other projects, according to his GORILLAZ partner Jamie Hewlett.Speaking to the Observer, Hewlett revealed that his ex-partner Jane Olliver introduced him to...

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Albarn Slams Live 8

10th July 2008

Former BLUR star DAMON ALBARN has slammed BONO and SIR BOB GELDOF for isolating Africa with their goodwill efforts. The rocker has criticised the Live 8 concert - supported by both the U2 star and...

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Albarn Takes His Opera To The Us

2nd May 2008

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN is taking his circus opera to the US.MONKEY: JOURNEY TO THE WEST will make its stateside debut at the 2008 Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, beginning on May 23rd, reports...

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Albarn's Supergroup May Return

29th April 2008

Bandmates DAMON ALBARN has given hope to fans of supergroup THE GOOD, THE BAD + THE QUEEN, a week after bandmate PAUL SIMONON revealed they had split. Former The Clash star Simonon announced the band...

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Damon Albarn Plans 130 Musician Album

29th April 2008

Former BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has announced plans to release a rather unusual new album.The singer told BBC 6 Music that his latest endeavour will involve more than 100 musicians, including a Chinese choir and...

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No Spark Between Lily And Damon As Collaboration Fails

1st February 2008

An attempted collaboration between Lily Allen and Damon Albarn has failed after the pair failed to find any creative spark.According to the Sun the British artists spent a day trying to record together but the...

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Albarn: 'Working With Allen Was A Bad Idea'

1st February 2008

Former BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has scrapped plans to duet with pop star LILY ALLEN - because working with the singer would be a "bad idea". Albarn invited the Smile star to his recording studio...

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Albarn Rules Out Blur Reunion

1st February 2008

Former BLUR star DAMON ALBARN has ruled out a reunion with his ex-bandmates - because they "hate him." The Parklife hitmaker was keen to reunite onstage with Dave Rowntree, Alex James and Graham Coxon, but...

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Alex James Blames Damon Albarn For Delaying Blur Reunion

30th January 2008

Blur bassist Alex James has blamed Damon Albarn for delaying plans for a band reunion.The Britpop legends have long planned to reform only for individual members to then publicly express distaste at the idea of...

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Shortlist Nominees Announced

3rd January 2008

Klaxons, Kings of Leon and Feist have been named among the nominees for the 2007 Shortlist Prize.The award, thought of as a US equivalent to the Mercury Music Prize, has previously been given to Damien...

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Albarn Slams Celeb Culture

28th December 2007

Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn has slammed the UK's celebrity culture, saying it "sends out all the wrong messages".Albarn told BBC Radio Four that television programmes like Big Brother and the X Factor have...

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Albarn To Guest Edit Bbc Radio Show

4th December 2007

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has signed up to guest edit an episode of BBC radio show TODAY over the Christmas (07) holiday period. The Beetlebum singer will use the opportunity to investigate how the U.K....

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Kano To Duet With Albarn

12th November 2007

British rapper KANO has enlisted the help of BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN to produce his upcoming single. The hip-hop star's next track, Feel Free, will feature guest vocals from the Gorillaz creator. And Kano insists...

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Arctic Monkeys Named World's Best Act

8th October 2007

The Arctic Monkeys have been named the best act in the world today at the 2007 Q Music awards.The Sheffield band beat some heavyweight competition for the prize, scooping the gong ahead of the Killers,...

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The Verve Announce Second Tour

3rd October 2007

Reformed band the Verve have announced a second set of UK dates for their reunion tour.The Wigan group announced in June 2007 that they were "getting back together for the joy of music", eight years...

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Albarn's Driving Test Failure

2nd October 2007

BLUR singer DAMON ALBARN has failed to pass his driving theory test - because he has trouble with the multiple choice answers. The 39-year-old rocker has already taken the written test five times without success....

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Coxon: 'Blur Reunion Depends On Albarn'

17th September 2007

British band BLUR will only reunite if frontman DAMON ALBARN can scale down his hectic schedule, according to his former bandmate GRAHAM COXON. The guitarist agreed to reunite with his former bandmates after leaving...

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