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Te Kanawa is right and the media is doing a huge disservice to the arts and to the public by making her out to be some evil diva. There is a VAST difference between the training of an opera singer and that of a young "popera" star. I don't have a problem with pop singers recording and selling their crossover albums, I just wish they wouldn't label themselves as classical artists when they are nothing of the sort. This is why the public is so confused about what IS refined "real" singing and what is not!The gossipy media should hang their heads in shame for deliberately trying to tarnish the reputation of an artist whose successful career has spanned decades, and for contributing to the false image that "real" opera is full of stuck up sopranos and bitter aging divas. If the public were exposed to the real thing and could see what it's all about, I think they would understand why Te Kanawa spoke out.We'll see who has the last laugh, but I'm willing to bet money that Hayley Westenra won't last half as long as Te Kanawa did...
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