Arthur Borman's mockumentary doesn't have the stature of Spinal Tap or Best in Show, but it's a genuinely funny entry into what has become a rapidly tiring category.

...And God Spoke is a spoof about the making of a film (bad sign), a $10 million eponymous movie condensing the whole of the Bible into a feature film. Naturally, as mockumentaries demand, everything goes wrong. In the first half hour, Eve turns up with a full body tattoo, the shoot runs low on disciples, and Jesus gets cut from the film. Some of the film's moments are inspired: Namely Soupy Sales' appearance as Moses (and Lou Ferrigno vs. Andy Dick as Cain and Abel), plus a P.A.'s trunk where the film is discovered, covered in syrup. The producer and director -- Michael Riley and Stephen Rappaport -- are hysterical, deadpan and oblivious to the disaster in the making.

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