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The Things They Say 10595

24th December 2008

"He may be a great advocate of peace, but in real life he is not at all - he is very argumentative." Former BOOMTOWN RATS singer SIR BOB GELDOF has seen another side to the...

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Mccartney's Meat Row With Dalai Lama

15th December 2008

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY tried to turn the DALAI LAMA vegetarian, insisting the famed Buddhist was "wrong" to eat meat. The Beatles legend wrote to the spiritual leader to point out that meat-eaters contribute to the...

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Mccartney Sent Spiritual Book From Dalai Lama

24th September 2008

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY has received a book from the DALAI LAMA in a bid to help through his controversial Israel gig. The Hey Jude hitmaker is set to play a concert in Israel's capital Tel...

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Dalai Lama Asks For Tunstall

27th June 2008

Scottish singer/songwriter KT TUNSTALL was shocked when she received an email from a fan - because it was from Buddhist spiritual leader the DALAI LAMA. The Suddenly I See hitmaker is set to meet up...

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The Things They Say 8201

3rd May 2008

"I met him and he's a sweet guy except the Rolex was a little strange. `RICHARD GERE gave me this Rolex." It's like seeing GANDHI with bling." ROBIN WILLIAMS on meeting the Tibetan Buddhist leader...

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List Of Top 100 Most Influential People Published

1st May 2008

Top celebrities ANGELINA JOLIE, BRAD PITT and MILEY CYRUS have joined U.S. PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH and the DALAI LAMA on The World's 100 Most Influential People list. U.S. magazine Time has published its fifth...

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Dave Matthews Interviews The Dalai Lama

14th April 2008

Rocker DAVE MATTHEWS turned interviewer on Friday (11Apr08) when he found himself chatting to Buddhist leader the DALAI LAMA. The singer-songwriter was among those picked to quiz the spiritual guru during a five-hour music and...

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Mellencamp Held Hands With Dalai Lama

17th January 2008

Rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP broke protocol by touching Buddhist leader the DALAI LAMA when he visited the U.S. last year (07). Tibet's spiritual leader visited Mellencamp's native Indiana in October (07) - and the rocker couldn't...

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Dalai Lama Thrilled With Bloom's Everest Movie

29th November 2007

Buddhist leader the DALAI LAMA has heaped praise on a new Mount Everest documentary, narrated by movie hunk ORLANDO BLOOM. The new DVD, Everest: A Climb for Peace, has been hailed as a "tremendous achievement"...

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Dalai Lama's Land Rover To Be Auctioned Off

31st October 2007

A vintage Land Rover once owned by Buddhist leader the DALAI LAMA is to be auctioned off on website The spiritual hero owned the army green vehicle from 1966 to 1975, and it was...

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Gere Devastated By Dalai Lama's Photo Criticism

14th September 2007

RICHARD GERE was left devastated when his spiritual hero the DALAI LAMA slammed his photography, calling the actor's arty snaps "poor quality". Buddhist Gere first exhibited his photographs in Houston, Texas a decade ago -...

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Carlisle Turns From Booze To Buddhism

6th March 2007

Former GO-GOs singer BELINDA CARLISLE has ditched her hard-partying ways to become a devout Buddhist. The VACATION singer discovered the religion five years ago and now leads a much healthier, balanced life to the wild...

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Islam Returns To Acknowledge Cat Stevens' 40th Anniversary

7th September 2006

The artist formerly known as CAT STEVENS is timing his longawaited musical comeback to tie in with the 40th anniversary of his first release. The Muslim convert, now known as YUSUF ISLAM, has signed a...

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Gere Offers Commentary To Dalai Lama Film

6th September 2006

RICHARD GERE is paying tribute to spiritual leader the DALAI LAMA on a new DVD, considered by many to be the ultimate guide to Buddhism. THE PRETTY WOMAN star, a longtime Buddhist, has added commentary...

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Tintin Honoured By Dalai Lama

1st June 2006

Belgian comic strip character TINTIN is to be honoured by Tibetan spiritual leader the DALAI LAMA in the Belgian capital Brussels today (01JUN06). Cartoonist HERGE - real name GEORGES REMI - is hailed for raising...

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Gere To Pave Dalai Lama Road

27th March 2006

Hollywood Buddhist RICHARD GERE has offered to pave the road leading to the DALAI LAMA's house in the Indian hilltop town of Dharamsala, because of the importance of the site to fellow Buddhists. The PRETTY...

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Bardot Petitions For Seals

16th February 2006

Silver screen icon BRIGITTE BARDOT has called on the Canadian Embassy to abolish the country's annual baby seal massacre. The actress, backed by a 200,000 signature strong petition and support from the likes of...

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Lama Offers Help With His Own Biopic

11th January 2006

The DALAI LAMA is so impressed with movie-maker SHEKHAR KAPUR's planned biopic about the spiritual leader, he has instructed his closest aides to assist the director in making the $120 million (GBP66.6 million). The...

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Mountaineer Harrer Dies

8th January 2006

Austrian mountaineer HEINRICH HARRER - whose life inspired the Hollywood film SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET - died yesterday (07JAN06). He was 93. Harrer was the first person to climb the northern face of Mount...

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The Things They Say 499

27th October 2005

"He's very, very nice and he immediately sets you at ease. He kind of gives you a good squeeze... He's pretty liberal, pretty generous with his squeezing." KILL BILL star UMA THURMAN on the DALAI...

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Fascinating Fact 191

15th September 2005

SHERYL CROW and LANCE ARMSTRONG sealed their engagement last week (09SEP05) with a private meeting with his holiness the DALAI LAMA....

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Brown Airs His Most Embarrassing Moments

27th August 2005

BOBBY BROWN has proven he has ditched his once-famous ego problems by agreeing to air a handful of scenes during which members of the public fail to recognise him as anything by WHITNEY HOUSTON's husband....

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Buddha Hits The Big Screen

24th July 2005

Anglo-Indian movie maker SHEKHAR KAPUR is risking a religious backlash by shooting a film about BUDDHA for the first time ever - starring BRAD PITT Kapur, 59, has received the blessing of spiritual leader...

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Al-fayed Helps Bobby Brown In The Bedroom

8th July 2005

Harrods boss MOHAMED AL-FAYED is helping WHITNEY HOUSTON and BOBBY BROWN realise their dreams of becoming parents again - by handing over powerful aphrodisiacs. The London-based tycoon was spotted giving Brown what he called...

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Palin Thrilled By Dalai Lama Meeting

9th June 2005

MONTY PYTHON star MICHAEL PALIN is still pinching himself after landing a 40 minute chat with the DALAI LAMA during his recent trek through the Himalayas. The funnyman-turned-adventurer was amazed when the Buddhist leader...

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Wilson: 'The Dalai Lama Is Corny'

8th June 2005

Hollywood actor OWEN WILSON has dismissed spiritual leader the DALAI LAMA as a "corny" purveyor of "goofball ideals". The STARSKY AND HUTCH star, 36, went to hear the Tibetan holy man speak to...

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Geldof Invites Pope, Mandela And Dalai Lama To Live 8

30th May 2005

SIR BOB GELDOF has asked the world's most prominent figures, including POPE BENEDICT XVI, the DALAI LAMA and NELSON MANDELA to take part in the anti-poverty rally and LIVE 8 charity concert this summer (06JUL05)...

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Gere Joins World's Greatest Minds To Fix Globe's Problems

19th May 2005

Actor RICHARD GERE teamed up with a host of NOBEL LAUREATEs and world leaders yesterday (18MAY05) for the colossal challenge of finding solutions to the world's problems. The PRETTY WOMAN star was invited to...

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Charles 'Refuses To Invite Ferguson To Wedding'

4th April 2005

British royal PRINCE CHARLES has refused to invite SARAH FERGUSON, DUCHESS OF YORK to his wedding to CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES this Friday (08APR05) - following their vicious row at a royal dinner in 1999....

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Gere Asks France And Germany To Ditch Chinese Arms Deal

31st March 2005

LATEST: Movie star RICHARD GERE yesterday (30MAR05) pleaded with France and Germany to ditch its plans for a new arms deal with China. The AMERICAN GIGOLO actor urged for the ban to force the...

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