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Noah - Featurette

The cast and crew of ‘Noah’; director Darren Aronofsky, actors Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, and production designer Mark Friedberg; discuss the creation of the ark on set in a short featurette.

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Noah - Extended Trailer

Noah is a normal family man faced with major responsibility when his dark visions lead him to see God's plan to wipe out the corrupt humanity that has plagued his Earth. When he realises that a great flood will be the disaster that will destroy all life, he subsequently sees that a new life will come after it that he must help to re-create. He and his family decide to build a colossal ark to keep them safe from the oncoming catastrophe, and thus use it to save the planet's animals as well. However, the fact that they have been blessed to live has angered their fellow neighbours, who band together in an attempt to seize the ark and save themselves. In an extraordinary turnaround, Noah and his family find themselves facing the bigger threat of their own people, rather than the deadly wrath of the Lord himself.

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Noah Trailer

When Noah is faced with a dark message from God thanks to his gift of envisioning the future, he realises he is the only person who can save the world. The Lord is angry with the entirety of humanity for their increasingly violent behaviour, and is thus forced to oversee an enormous flood deadly enough to wipe out all people and animals on the planet. Noah and his family are the only humans on the planet who God is willing to save, and so they build an ark big enough to home two of every animal as well as themselves as God attempts to start over again. However, when word gets around that Noah is given the gift of survival while everybody else is doomed to die, naturally a siege ensues and Noah must protect himself and his family against more than one great threat.

This Biblical dystopian tale is based on the Genesis story 'Noah's Ark' which depicts an apocalyptic flood destroying mankind. It has been directed by Darren Aronofsky ('Black Swan', 'The Wrestler', 'Requiem for a Dream ') who co-wrote the screenplay alongside his previous collaborator Ari Handel ('The Fountain'). 'Noah' will be released next year on March 28th 2014.

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Dark Skies Trailer

Daniel and Lacey Barret have always lived a happy and quiet life in their typical suburban American home with their two loving children Jesse and Sam. However, their tranquillity is tested when strange things start happening around the house. Objects are rearranged in their home, hundreds of migrating birds are killed after flying into their windows compelled by some unknown energy and the family start to develop strange illnesses and injuries on their bodies starting with Sam. It becomes obvious that they are dealing with a malevolent alien force intent on destroying the family, children first, and Daniel and Lacey must confront the force head on if they have any chance of survival. To help them, they enlist the help of an expert who claims to have knowledge on what has been happening, after discovering that similar things have happened elsewhere. 

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Rise of the Guardians Review


Vividly colourful details in the animation and script bring mythical characters to life in ways that are thoroughly engaging as this riotous action-comedy soars through its epic story. It's a bit frantic, barely pausing to let us admire the artistry, but it's a lively thrill-ride of a movie that will keep both adults and kids on the edge of their seats.

Jack Frost (Pine) is a lonely boy no one else can see, so he has no idea why he exists at all. He fills time creating snowy-icy mischief to make children laugh, and feels out of his depth when he is summoned by the Guardians of childhood: burly Russian Father Christmas (Baldwin), tough-talking Aussie Easter Bunny (Jackman), fluttering Tooth Fairy (Fisher) and wordless Sandman. They need him to help them defeat Pitch (Law), a boogeyman who is replacing children's imaginations with nasty nightmares in an effort to get them to believe only in him. So while Jack works out a plan to get rid of Pitch, he also needs to figure out if he belongs with the Guardians.

Screenwriter Lindsay-Abaire and the animation team have a lot of fun with the characters, which are loosely based on the William Joyce novels. Each person is fully formed, with terrific vocal work from gifted actors who pack their characters with personality, especially Baldwin and Jackman. So their interaction zings with attitude even as the imagery bursts with hilarious details. Since the story is centred on Jack, he's the one who carries us through, and he's an engaging reluctant hero in the vein of Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins. Watching him discover his own inner skills is often exhilarating.

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Rise Of The Guardians Trailer

Rise of the Guardians is a spectacularly vibrant CGI motion picture that tells the story of four powerful guardians. Bunny is a cool Australian protector of nature who places Easter eggs around children's gardens for them to find; the Sandman is the dream guardian - he doesn't ever speak but it extremely wise; North is the Christmas guardian and a fierce tattooed warrior; and the Tooth Fairy is an elegant, half-human, half-hummingbird tooth collector - she collects childhood memories and returns them only when they are needed most. All the guardians must unite when the evil boogeymen known as Pitch threatens to take over the world spreading fear in the hearts and imaginations of children.

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Real Steel Trailer

Charlie Kenton is a former boxer who finds he's given a huge opportunity to make something of his life when he and his estranged son team up to build a robot to fight in a new extreme sport called robot boxing, a hi-tech sport that's become one of the most profitable forms of entertainment in the world.

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Picture - Kathryn Morris and Dakota Goyo Los Angeles, California, Wednesday 22nd August 2007

Kathryn Morris and Dakota Goyo - Kathryn Morris and Dakota Goyo Los Angeles, California - at the premiere of 'Resurrecting The Champ' held at the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - Arrivals Wednesday 22nd August 2007

Kathryn Morris and Dakota Goyo

Picture - Rod Lurie and Dakota Goyo Los Angeles, California, Wednesday 22nd August 2007

Rod Lurie and Dakota Goyo - Rod Lurie and Dakota Goyo Los Angeles, California - at the premiere of 'Resurrecting The Champ' held at the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - Arrivals Wednesday 22nd August 2007

Dakota Goyo

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