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Fanning Confuses Swimming Instructor

DAKOTA FANNING had a tough time dealing with her swimming instructor on the set of new movie MAN ON FIRE - because he couldn't understand she was only acting. The nine-year-old plays a swimmer...

Fanning's Passion For Fear Factor

I AM SAM star DAKOTA FANNING and her older sister ELLE are huge fans of stomach-churning show FEAR FACTOR. Nine-year-old Dakota and Elle, 15, enjoy watching contestants go through such unbearable tasks as eating...

Denzel In Awe Of Little Dakota

DENZEL WASHINGTON has heaped praise on his young co-star in new film MAN ON FIRE - insisting she's one of the finest actors in Hollywood. The OSCAR winner found himself in awe of little...

Dakota Fanning A Huge Fan Of The Dentist

I AM SAM star DAKOTA FANNING experiences joy through something most children dread - she loves going to the dentist. The nine-year-old actress, who is currently waiting for some of her adult teeth to...

Brittany Murphy Claims She Was An Early Bloomer

Hollywood actress BRITTANY MURPHY developed at an extremely early age as a child - she claims she was speaking when she was just four-and-a-half months old. The JUST MARRIED star, ex-girlfriend of ASHTON KUTCHER,...

Dakota's Teen Dreams

Child star DAKOTA FANNING can't wait to become a teenager - because her parents have banned her from having her ears pierced until she turns 13. The nine-year-old I AM SAM star insists 13...

Alec's High Praise For Little Dakota

ALEC BALDWIN has become little DAKOTA FANNING's number one fan after starring alongside her in THE CAT IN THE HAT - and is now calling her one of the best actresses in Hollywood. The...

Second Cat In The Cat Already In The Works

Plans are underway to make a sequel to MIKE MYERS' THE CAT IN THE HAT - even though the first movie has yet to be released. The anticipated film won't hit American cinema screens...

Dakota Fanning's Fish Memories

Child actress DAKOTA FANNING has a painful memory she draws on during emotional movie scenes - the death of her pet fish. I AM SAM star Dakota, nine, and her five-year-old actress sister ELLE...

Veggie Bid Is Shortlived For Little Dakota

I AM SAM star DAKOTA FANNING turned vegetarian on the set of her new movie UPTOWN GIRLS for an hour - until she realised she didn't like vegetables or salads. The child star decided...

Dakota's Name Game

Child star DAKOTA FANNING has a quirky way of picking movie projects - if she likes the name of her character, she takes the part. The I AM SAM star is obsessed with names...

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