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Catherine Bach Created Daisy Duke Image To Avoid Looking Like Dolly

8th February 2012

Actress Catherine Bach created her own iconic Daisy Duke look for hit TV show The Dukes Of Hazzard because she didn't want to be seen as a Dolly Parton knock-off.The sexy star has revealed she...

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Simpson: 'I Don't Want To Be Daisy Duke'

3rd March 2010

JESSICA SIMPSON has no regrets about gaining weight since starring in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, insisting she doesn't want to look like DAISY DUKE.The pop star embarked on a gruelling diet and exercise regime to...

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Daisy Duke Star Defends Simpson's Curvy Figure

29th January 2009

THE DUKES OF HAZZARD's original DAISY DUKE, CATHERINE BACH has leaped to JESSICA SIMPSON's defence, branding reports about her protege's ballooning weight "vicious". Simpson played sexy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard movie in 2005, and...

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Simpson Proud Of Daisy Duke Performance

6th February 2007

JESSICA SIMPSON was thrilled with her performance in the movie THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, because she was finally able to establish herself as an actress by playing sexy DAISY DUKE. The star claims she worked...

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Simpson And Nelson Reunite For Film Role

7th January 2007

JESSICA SIMPSON and her DUKES OF HAZZARD co-star WILLIE NELSON are teaming up again on the big screen for the film BLONDE AMBITION. The movie is a remake of the 1988 hit WORKING GIRL, which...

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Dukes Get Dirty In Prequel

16th November 2006

The DVD release of the upcoming DUKES OF HAZZARD movie prequel will feature soft porn scenes of naked girls showering. Actress APRIL SCOTT, who plays DAISY DUKE in the new film DUKES OF HAZZARD: THE...

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Happy Gilmore Golfer Lands Boss Hogg Role

17th June 2006

HAPPY GILMORE villain CHRIS MCDONALD will replace BURT REYNOLDS as corrupt BOSS HOGG in the DUKES OF HAZZARD prequel. He'll join WILLIE NELSON and model APRIL SCOTT, who will play sexy DAISY DUKE in the...

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Daisy Duke Goes Brunette Again

12th June 2006

LATEST: DAISY DUKE is going brunette again in the prequel to last year's (05) DUKES OF HAZZARD movie. Maxim model APRIL SCOTT will step into blonde JESSICA SIMPSON's cowboy boots to play the sexy country...

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Cavallari To Take Over Simpson's Role

26th May 2006

US reality TV star KRISTIN CAVALLARI is set to take over the role of DAISY DUKE from her rumoured love rival JESSICA SIMPSON in the next DUKES OF HAZZARD movie. Cavallari was rumoured to be...

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Alone In The Dark And Son Of The Mask Are Top Stinkers

3rd March 2006

Low budget horror film ALONE IN THE DARK left a nasty smell in cinemas last year (05) - it has been dishonoured at the annual Stinkers Bad Movie Awards. The Los Angeles-based Bad Cinema Society...

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Ludacris Urges Simpson To Get Bottom Boost

14th December 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON needs to start taking shots to boost her buttocks, according to rapper LUDACRIS. Simpson, who recently split from her husband NICK LACHEY, made no secret of working hard on boosting her behind...

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Sinatra Embarrassed By Simpson Cover Version

27th October 2005

NANCY SINATRA was unimpressed with JESSICA SIMPSON's version of her song THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN', even though the reality TV star had received help from Sinatra' daughter in arranging the vocals. The...

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Knoxville + Simpson Dispute Dukes 2 Location

15th September 2005

DUKES OF HAZZARD co-stars JOHNNY KNOXVILLE and JESSICA SIMPSON are at odds over the location of a planned sequel - she wants to shoot in London, while the JACKASS star is holding out for Australia....

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Spears Glad Simpson Beat Her To Daisy Duke

1st September 2005

Pop singer BRITNEY SPEARS has laughed off rumours she is jealous JESSICA SIMPSON beat her to the role of DAISY DUKE in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, insisting she was fated to spent 2005 pregnant....

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The Dukes Head For London

30th August 2005

The producers of hit summer blockbuster THE DUKES OF HAZZARD are planning to set the sequel in London. JESSICA SIMPSON, who played sexy DAISY DUKE in the movie adaptation of the hit TV show,...

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Simpson Sets Sight On Shakespeare

24th August 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON is desperate to hone her acting skills on the London stage - but will consider nothing less than a role in a WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE play. The 25-year-old beauty, who plays sex-bomb DAISY...

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Daisy Duke Hits Out At Movie Remake

21st August 2005

CATHERINE BACH, who played DAISY DUKE in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD television series, has blasted movie bosses for failing to give her a cameo in the big screen remake. The 50-year-old, who has...

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The Dukes Of Hazzard Races To The Top

7th August 2005

SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT and JOHNNY KNOXVILLE's new movie THE DUKES OF HAZZARD has defied critics by opening at the top of the US box office with a weekend tally of $30.6 million (GBP17 million)....

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Simpson Plans Fluffy Movie Career

5th August 2005

Pop star JESSICA SIMPSON plans to avoid deep, dark movie roles - because she's on a mission to make people happy. The IRRESISTIBLE singer, who unveils her movie debut as DAISY DUKE in the...

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Simpson's Butt Workout

4th August 2005

LATEST: JESSICA SIMPSON indulged in an intense diet and exercise regime to get her bottom in shape to play DAISY DUKE in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD. The singer/actress was determined not to rely on...

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Simpson: 'I Didn't Use A Butt Double'

2nd August 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON has hit out at reports filmmakers used a butt double on the set of movie THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, because she worked tirelessly to get her derriere in shape. The actress was...

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Critics See Little Of Simpson In Movie Debut

2nd August 2005

Fans of JESSICA SIMPSON excitedly preparing to see her movie debut in DUKES OF HAZZARD have been dealt disappointing news - critics have announced she's barely in it. The IRRESISTIBLE singer flashes her sexy...

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Chandrasekhar Doubted Simpson

2nd August 2005

DUKES OF HAZZARD director JAY CHANDRASEKHAR was convinced it would be a terrible idea to cast JESSICA SIMPSON in the new movie - and she almost proved him right. The filmmaker was reluctant to...

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Simpson Batters Man With Pool Cue

1st August 2005

Pop beauty JESSICA SIMPSON left a man on the set of her new movie THE DUKES OF HAZZARD battered and bruised, after she mistook him for a stuntman and relentlessly beat him with a pool...

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Fitness Queen Simpson Launches Treadmill Line

27th July 2005

Pop star-turned-actress JESSICA SIMPSON is fast becoming the new JANE FONDA after signing up to launch a treadmill range. The singer spent six days a week getting her body into the perfect shape for...

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Simpson Fears Acting Criticism

21st July 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON fears her new movie THE DUKES OF HAZZARD will flop because people see her as a singer and not a movie star. The pop sensation is one of a growing number...

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Simpson Slams Christina But Loves Cute Britney

5th July 2005

JESSICA SIMPSON admires her pop rivals BRITNEY SPEARS and CHRISTINA AGUILERA for very different reasons, despite labelling Aguilera as a "nasty girl". The NEWLYWEDS: NICK AND JESSICA reality TV star beat competition from Spears...

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Nelson And Simpson Re-make 'These Boots...'

19th May 2005

Country legend WILLIE NELSON is recording a duet version of NANCY SINATRA's hit THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING, with popstar JESSICA SIMPSON. The track will be for the first single from the soundtrack...

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Simpson's Butt All Her Own

11th May 2005

Movie beauty JESSICA SIMPSON has rubbished rumours she needed a bottom enhancement to play curvy DAISY DUKE in the DUKES OF HAZZARD movie. Recent reports claimed the singer-turned-actress needed help filling sexy Daisy's trademark...

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Simpson 'Inspired' To Sing Country And Western

16th February 2005

Pop beauty JESSICA SIMPSON has been inspired by her big screen debut to embark on a country and western career. The reality TV star wants to team up with her DUKES OF HAZZARD co-star...

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