Daft Punk want someone to prove their music is ''wrong''.

Although the French duo are flattered their sound has proved so influential - particularly on the electronic dance music (EDM) scene - they believe something new is needed, or music will lose its ''power''.

Thomas Bangalter said: ''It's great how influential our records have been. We're flattered by the respect we get, but we've been waiting for the last 10 years for some kid to come along and say, 'Daft Punk got it wrong.' That's what it needs.

''Technology has made making music, in a really cool way, more accessible to everybody. At the same time, it kind of diminishes some of the power music has. It's like a magic trick where everybody knows how it's done. Can there still be magicians when everyone is a magician?''

The 'Get Lucky' hitmakers the person who could signify a musical change is Skrillex, despite his being influenced by their work.

Thomas - who is joined in Daft Punk by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo - added: ''Skrillex we have a lot of respect for. He's said that he saw our show with the pyramid in 2007 and it makes him want to make music, but it feels like he's not copying our formula.

''He might be the kid that breaks the cycle, but we don't listen to a lot of electronic music. We never did.''