A representative for Daft Punk has dismissed rumours the dance duo has been secretly releasing music under the name The Third Twin - and criticised organisers of a Spanish music festival for allegedly advertising a link between the acts.
The faceless DJs, who hide their identities by performing in helmets, were rumoured to be working on a side project known as The Third Twin last year (10), but a spokesperson for the pair failed to confirm or deny the reports.
However, after promoters for the Arenal Sound Festival advertised the act for their upcoming event and claimed a link to Daft Punk, a representative has stepped in to deny there is any connection.
The statement says, "It has been brought to the attention of Daft Punk's management that the promoters for the Arenal Sound Festival in Spain have recently issued a press release in which they claim that a band called The Third Twin is 'directly connected' to Daft Punk.
"This is completely untrue. Recent press reports are based on rumours instead of facts. Daft Punk is in no way associated with The Third Twin and the promoters for the Arenal Sound Festival are promoting the show under false pretences."