Random Access Memories hasn’t just been Daft Punk’s most eagerly awaited album; it’s been the most eagerly awaited album of this decade AND last decade. It came from nowhere – a cleverly placed exclusive at Coachella, revealing a snippet of the new single and Pharrell Williams’ inclusion.

Daft PunkDaft Punk performing in Sydney, Australia


The hype could so easily have been Daft Punk’s biggest rival as this album hit the shelves, but the sheer quality, innovation and downright funk has secured Random Access Memories’ place in electronic history. “Their return should be heralded from on high, because it is the boldest, smartest, most colourful and purely pleasurable dance album of this decade,” say The Telegraph. “It's a headphones album in an age of radio singles; a bravura live performance that stands out against pro forma knob-twiddling; a jazzy disco attack on the basic house beat; a full collaboration at a time when the superstar DJ stands alone. It's also quite moving; melancholy runs through every song,” beam Entertainment Weekly, while Q Magazine call it: “Daft Punk's best album in a career that's already redefined dance music at least twice. It is, in short, a mind-blower."

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories Unboxed


Metacritic have the album standing on a solid score of 87 from 17 critical reviews, a score that’s set to build as more and more reviewers get their critical mits on it. You can read our own review of it here, and watch a bit of Daft Punk love above. Enjoy!