Daft Punk are not afraid to be ''ridiculous'' with their music.

The electro-pop duo - Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter - believe their latest album, 'Random Access Memories', has been such a huge hit because they took a risk by being upbeat and happy.

Thomas told Q magazine: ''We always want to break the system each time. Usually the punk-rock thing is 'no future'. But right now, the world is in a very pessimistic, depressed, big crisis - politically, artistically, socially. So in a cynical, insecure, 'no future' state, the most punk-rock thing to do is say, 'Future!' We're not afraid of doing something ridiculous.''

The 'Get Lucky' hitmakers also think the world was ready for more light-hearted music following recent global events, such as the financial crisis and war in the Middle East.

Thomas added: ''It's like people were in need of something to go towards. In a s****y state of reality, people want to laugh and party. You either stay in the s**t and be cynical or you take an opportunity to enjoy life. So we're just helping out. Take 'Get Lucky' to the beach and have fun.''