Singer Cyndi Lauper believes in the power of karma after running into a former band member, who once sexually assaulted her, washed up and working at a deli.
The True Colors hitmaker was a struggling artist, performing as a back-up singer for an unknown group when she was assaulted by the unnamed musician, who asked his girlfriend to hold Lauper down during the attack.
The pop star ultimately confronted the woman about the incident and was told she loved the guy and "wanted to make him happy," but Lauper had the last laugh during a chance meeting with her male attacker in 1989 - five years after winning her first Grammy Award, when she spotted him toiling away "in a deli".
The 59 year old details their run-in in her new book Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir, stating: "I thought, 'You know what, pal? As you treat others, at one point in your life, whether it's now or later, you're going to get it back.'"