Cut Chemist

Cut Chemist

For any one out there who hasn'theard of Cut Chemist, let me introduce one of the masterminds behind legendary hip hop group Jurrasic 5. DJ Cut Chemist has desided to go it alone & now brings us this fantastic record,

Here are some new tracks from the upcoming Cut Chemist Record. The Garden and Storm feat. Mr. Lif and Edan

The video is a cool look at Cut Chemist in Brazil putting tracks together. Best known as the musical mind behind indie hip hop favorites Jurassic 5, this is Cut Chemists first work as a solo artist.

The Album entitled 'The Audience's Listening' is a product of a Los Angeles native who's lived in the bustling metropolis for all of his 33 years. It's what's shaped his sound and diverse outlook, his playfulness and his edge (as camouflaged in sweetness as it may be). It is also evocative of an era when sound enthusiasts put out records for the adventure of it, not just as a vehicle tied to hit singles and booty-shaking videos. Using a turntable, mixer and computer to create the songs, it is an homage to all that is musically possible from the fingertips of a gifted DJ and imagineer.

"Everything on the album was uncharted territory, something I've never done before. The only thing that's worth doing is exploration."

Check out footage of Cut Chemist working on the album in Brazil plus audio streams for two tracks 'The Garden' & 'Storm featuring Edan and Mr. Lif'

'The Audience's Listening':
01. Motivational Speaker
02. M 1st Big Break
03. The Lift
04. The Garden
05. Spat
06. What's The Altitude (feat. Hymnal)
07. Metrorail Thru Space
08. Storm (feat. Edan and Mr. Lif)
09. 2266 Cambridge
10. Spoon
11. A Peak In Time
12. The Audience Is Listening (Theme Song)

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