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Boy George: I Have An Enlarged Polyp Which Has Haemorrhaged'

28th November 2014

Culture Club star Boy George has broken his silence after the group was forced to cancel U.K. and U.S. tour dates earlier this month (Nov14) when the singer was diagnosed with polyps on his vocal...

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Boy George's Cancellation Disappointment

28th November 2014

Boy George is ''devastated'' Culture Club have postponed their tour.The 'Karma Chameleon' group axed a string of comeback shows in both the US and UK after the singer was diagnosed with a throat problem that...

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Culture Club Cancel Tour

14th November 2014

Culture Club have had to call off their first tour in 12 years after singer Boy George was diagnosed with a vocal polyp.The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmakers were left with no choice but to halt their...

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Boy George's Culture Club Cancels All U.s. And U.k. Tour Dates

By Nick Hill | 14th November 2014

Fans were left disappointed after hearing the news that the recently reunited Culture Club have been forced to cancel all their upcoming tour dates across the U.S and U.K only days before they were scheduled...

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Culture Club Cancel Tours Over Boy George Throat Polyp

13th November 2014

Pop group Culture Club have cancelled their North American and U.K tours because lead singer Boy George is suffering from throat problems.The Karma Chameleon hitmaker has been ordered by specialists not to sing after they...

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Boy George Planning Relocation To New York

7th November 2014

Culture Club star Boy George is looking forward to setting up home in New York for 2015 after clearing up legal issues surrounding a previous conviction.The Karma Chameleon hitmaker was arrested in Manhattan on suspicion...

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Boy George: Cull Flop Pop Stars

1st November 2014

Boy George says there should be a periodic ''cull'' of pop stars.The Culture Club singer believed there are ''too many'' people making music so artists who are not doing so well should be told to...

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The Things They Say: 4330082

19th August 2014

"I think the '80s was all about looking like you were having fun. You know that saying, 'Youth is wasted on the young'? Nowadays, I've really invested in happiness. I never really understood that when...

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Fascinating Fact: 4322906

12th August 2014

Boy George's band Culture Club have announced their first North American tour dates in 14 years. The reunited Karma Chameleon hitmakers will perform in California, Las Vegas, New York and New Jersey in November (14),...

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Culture Club To Play Orchestral Show With Bbc Philharmonic

6th August 2014

Reformed 1980s band Culture Club are swapping pop for classical music by teaming up with the Bbc Philharmonic orchestra for a reimagining of their classic album Colour By Numbers.The Karma Chameleon hitmakers are among the...

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Culture Club Announce First Tour In 15 Years

20th May 2014

Culture Club have announced their first tour in 15 years. The band - fronted by Boy George - will play 11 UK dates and will also head back into the studio to record new material...

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Boy George: Moss Romance Is A 'Mystery'

6th May 2014

Boy George's relationship with Jon Moss is a ''mystery''.The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmaker thinks it is ''weird'' that there is no longer any ''proof'' he and his Culture Club bandmate - who has three children with...

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Boy George: 'I Haven't Always Been A Mess'

6th May 2014

Pop icon Boy George has confessed his wild days as a drug addict did not begin until after Culture Club came to an end.The gay star insists he was clean and sober when his band...

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Boy George Is 'Secure' In His Sobriety

27th April 2014

Boy George feels ''very secure'' in his sobriety.The singer has overcome serious addictions to heroin and cocaine in his life and has now been as been clean for six years.George is adamant nothing would tempt...

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Boy George's Lost Falsetto Causes Fans To Question His Identity

4th April 2014

Veteran British pop star Boy George is constantly having to convince fans he really is the Culture Club frontman after losing his trademark falsetto due to age.The flamboyant Karma Chameleon singer became famed for hitting...

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Boy George Regrets Style Choices For Culture Club Bandmates

28th March 2014

Boy George regrets making his Culture Club bandmates wear outlandish clothing onstage and in videos and is convinced they would have been happier in denim and leather.The colourful frontman styled the group and led them...

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Boy George Wasn't Ready For Culture Club Anniversary Reunion

18th February 2014

Veteran British singer Boy George stalled plans to reunite his 1980s pop band Culture Club in 2011 because he wasn't "quite ready" to resume his role as the group's flamboyant frontman.The Karma Chameleon hitmakers had...

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Boy George Ready For Culture Club Reunion

12th November 2013

Boy George is finally ready for a Culture Club reunion.The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmakers are set to reunite to record a new album in January 2014 - after a 15-year absence from music - and the...

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Boy George Reforming Culture Club

11th November 2013

Boy George is reuniting his 1980s pop group Culture Club to record a new album.The singer, real name George O'Dowd, met up with guitarist Roy Hay in Los Angeles earlier this month (Nov13) to discuss...

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Boy George: New Culture Club Album Set For 2014

10th November 2013

Boy George has revealed Culture Club are going to release new music.The 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me' hitmakers haven't put out any new material since 1999 but the singer has confirmed they will...

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Boy George Struggles With Online Dating

21st October 2013

Boy George finds it difficult to meet ''worthwhile'' lovers on dating websites.The 'Coming Home' hitmaker - whose real name is George Alan O'Dowd - used Grindr, which is a networking application geared towards gay,...

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Boy George's Nasal Hit

14th September 2013

Boy George thinks he sounds like he has ''a peg on his nose'' on 'Karma Chameleon'.The former Culture Club singer isn't a fan of the studio recording of his band's 1983 hit because of the...

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Boy George: Buddhism Has Kept Me Sober

8th September 2013

Boy George says Buddhism has helped him stay sober.The 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me' hitmaker has struggled with drug addiction throughout his life but he claims his recent commitment to the Eastern religion...

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Chris O'dowd Discovered Boy George Family Secret During Ancestry Research

9th July 2013

Irish actor Chris O'dowd stumbled across a shocking family secret while researching his ancestry after a two-year search revealed he might be related to Culture Club singer Boy George.The Bridesmaids star was looking to buy...

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Naomi Campbell Inspired By Boy George To Model

10th January 2013

Naomi Campbell first wanted to be a model after she dressed up as Boy George.The supermodel revealed her first taste of extravagant fashion came after her obsession with 1980s British band Culture Club encouraged her...

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Boy George: Regrets Are Important

9th December 2012

Boy George thinks it's important to have regrets.The former Culture Club singer will never divulge what his greatest regret is, but he knows it has helped him to make mistakes in his past because he...

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Boy George Thinks Pop Records Are Too Similar

21st May 2012

Boy George thinks all today's pop records sound the same. The 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me' singer thinks today's crop of pop stars are more interested in personal gain than making a difference...

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Boy George Waiting To Be Allowed Back In To U.s. To Start Culture Club Tour

19th May 2012

Boy George has confirmed the Culture Club reunion tour will take place once he is allowed back in the U.S. following his 2005 drugs arrest.The 80s band planned to reunite and hit the road last...

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Culture Club Reuniting For New Year's Eve Bash

15th November 2011

Boy George's 1980s hitmakers Culture Club have reunited for the first time in 10 years ahead of a New Year's Eve (31Dec11) show in Australia.The gender-bending singer and bandmates Roy Hay, Mikey Craig and Jon...

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Boy George Wishes He'd Got Sober Years Ago

10th June 2011

Boy George wishes he had quit drink and drugs "20 years ago".The 49-year-old singer has been sober for just over two years and has recently even given up smoking and he now wishes he could...

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