One of television's top rated shows - 'CSI Miami' - has been axed by CBS and the writers are currently trying to figure out what happened to the beloved show starring David Caruso. Bill Carter - a writer for the 'New York Times' - suggested that the reason for the cancelation was: "because it was more expensive than its newer, and lower-rated, sister show, CSI New York."

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Longer running television shows end up costing more money over time due to a variety of reasons. Amongst these are the facts that actors who make a name for themselves through the show and become more and more famous, end up demanding higher and higher pay. Due to labour contracts, even the lowest crew members receive huge pay rises. Another problem is that in order to keep up with a level of quality established over a long run-time, expensive locations are used. This happened to 'CSI Miami', although as the production costs skyrocketed, the rating for the series steadily declined.  

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