In Tatler she was described as being a Sean Penn fangirl, a hater of ‘Dirty Dancing’ (credit is definitely due for that one) and a lover of the West Wing. What’s also served to endear us to Cressida and Harry’s relationship is that it seems a lot more natural than William and Kate's. The stories of how Kate managed to catch her prince aren't so much the work of fairytales, rather careful parental planning. Cressida, instead met Harry through her best friend Princess Eugenie and the relationship seems to have happened organically.

Cressida Bonas and Princess EugenieCressida Bonas and matchmaker Princess Eugenie

If the team at Buckingham Palace are smart, when Cressida finally gets announced as the next Mrs Windsor they’ll leave her exactly how she is. With her boho style and fun loving attitude, Cressida Bonas might just be the one to drag the royal family into the 21st century. After isn’t a princess who might just have converse on under her ball gown what we’ve all always wanted?