Since Prince Harry has been seen out and about with Cressida Bonas a lot more lately, everybody is wondering when exactly he’s going to make her a princess. She’s already got a key to Kensington Palace so it just seems right that wedding bells might be round the corner. But if Cressida does become the world’s new princess, just how will she compare to the current Duchess, Kate Middleton?

Cressida Bonas, the next royal bride?Cressida Bonas, the next royal bride?

There certainly doesn't seem to be any rivalry between these two royal loves, indeed Kate’s been reported to be advising Cressida on everything from her love life to her style. If this is true then maybe 25 year old Cressida might want to have a thing before taking notes. Although, since her marriage to Prince William, Kate has become some what of a fashion icon, a lot of this is due more to her name than her look. Whilst Kate might like to keep things conservative in the wardrobe department, Cressy (yes thats her nickname) seems to like to take a few more fashion risks. Most notably she’s been known to rock a scrunchie, a particular hair accessory that might irk Carrie Bradshaw, but that seems to be gaining fans among the young, rich crowd. Recently she’s also sported some sequin converse in keeping with her laid back style.

Watch Kermit and Miss Piggy congratulate Kate Middleton on her baby Prince:

Actually whilst Kate was once applauded for her ‘common’ roots, it turns out the super posh Cressida is actually a lot more accessible. Sure she has an upper class pedigree, she’s the youngest daughter of Sixties model and Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon and entrepreneur Jeffrey Bonas. But looking at pictures of Cressida hanging out with her friends and attending festivals, she just doesn't seem to care. Maybe its because unlike the social climbing Middletons, Cressida didn't have to create a 'worthy' image for the public.

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate MiddletonThe always polished Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Luckily for Cressida, it also helps that the prince she managed to bag is the more laid back, fun one, without all the heir to the throne pressures This means the two have had a little more space to have fun together and let their hair down then Kate and William. Indeed when reading about Harry’s reported future wife, the image of a fun loving happy go lucky girl is one which is being repeatedly sold by the media.

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