Ever since I saw my first Ruff Ryders video on MTV that featured hip hop stars like DMX and Eve riding tricked-out motorcycles, I knew that a black biker trend was on its way. Then when I saw a group of black bikers hanging out on the side of the highway in North Carolina over Christmas, I knew it had arrived.

So it was really only a matter of time that a movie like Biker Boyz would be released, ripe to cash in on the fad of glammed-up, nitrous-powered high-speed bike racing. And judging from all the ads for Biker Boyz, it seemed like the motorbike fans would get just what they wanted: a Fast and the Furious on two wheels--plenty of explosions, crashes, tits, and dumb as a rock dialogue. I expected it so much that I was actually looking forward to that kind of experience with this film, but that's far from what the movie is.

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