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Hank Azaria Wins Copyright Tiff With Craig Bierko Over Sports Character

25th February 2014

Actor Hank Azaria has won a legal wrangle with Cinderella Man star Craig Bierko over a comical sports announcer they both insisted they had created.The Simpsons regular asked a judge to declare his copyright over...

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Craig Bierko Out Of Matilda Musical Over Shoulder Injury

11th October 2013

Stage star Craig Bierko has pulled out of his role in a Broadway production of Matilda The Musical for three months after aggravating a shoulder injury.The actor is going on hiatus for 12 weeks in...

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Charlize Theron Dating Farm Boy

7th October 2010

Charlize Theron is dating a farmer. The Oscar-winning actress - who has been single since splitting from long-term love Stuart Townsend in January 2010 - has reportedly started dating model-and-actor Eric Thal who owns a...

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Fascinating Fact 5194

18th April 2008

MEG RYAN's one-time boyfriend CRAIG BIERKO has launched a quirky new online chat show, called BATHING WITH BIERKO. The first episode features the actor chatting to pal JOHN MALKOVICH while the two naked men take...

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A Baby Boy For Bowen

11th April 2007

Actress JULIE BOWEN has given birth to her first son after her waters broke on the set of US TV show BOSTON LEGAL yesterday (10APR07). The LOST star's son, OLIVER MCLANAHAN PHILLIPS, was born late...

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Sagal And Bierko Join Boston Legal

30th August 2006

DAVID E KELLEY has signed CINDERELLA MAN's CRAIG BIERKO and MARRIED WITH CHILDREN's KATEY SAGAL for the new season of BOSTON LEGAL. Bierko and Kelley previously worked together on the hit show ALLY MCBEAL. The...

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Fascinating Fact 2028

30th August 2006

CINDERELLA MAN star CRAIG BIERKO was originally cast as CHANDLER BING in FRIENDS, but turned down the role, which eventually went to MATTHEW PERRY.

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Fascinating Fact 1305

31st March 2006

MEG RYAN's ex-boyfriend and CINDERELLA MAN star CRAIG BIERKO was originally offered the chance to play CHANDLER BING on FRIENDS but passed on the role. MATTHEW PERRY was the second choice to play the comical...

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Bierko Pokes Fun At Cruise In Scary Movie 4

26th January 2006

CINDERELLA MAN star CRAIG BIERKO pokes fun at TOM CRUISE's infamous sofa-jumping exploits on the OPRAH show in new horror spoof sequel SCARY MOVIE 4. Bierko first mimics Cruise in sci-fi blockbuster WAR OF...

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Hillbillies Star Upset By Boxer Dad's Film Portrayal

17th June 2005

BEVERLY HILLBILLIES star MAX BAER JR has hit back at the producers of RUSSELL CROWE's boxing drama CINDERELLA MAN, because it paints his father as a villain he never was. Actor CRAIG BIERKO plays...

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Crowe Hits Back At Co-star Bierko

1st June 2005

RUSSELL CROWE has slammed his CINDERELLA MAN co-star CRAIG BIERKO for claiming he deliberately blanked him on the Canadian set of the boxing movie. Bierko, who plays German fighter MAX BAER in the new...

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Ryan's Exes Crowe And Bierko Step Into The Ring

23rd July 2004

RUSSELL CROWE doesn't have to try too hard to hate his boxing rival in real-life sports movie CINDERELLA MAN - the other man in the ring was the man MEG RYAN turned to after the...

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Giamatti To Join Crowe In Boxing Movie

2nd February 2004

Hollywood actor PAUL GIAMATTI is set to star alongside RUSSELL CROWE and RENEE ZELLWEGER in forthcoming boxing movie CINDERELLA MAN. The AMERICAN SPLENDOR star is in talks to appear as the trainer of real-life...

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Crowe Finds Challenger In Boxing Movie

4th December 2003

Actor CRAIG BIERKO is poised to land a major role in celebrated director RON HOWARD's new boxing movie CINDERELLA MAN - opposite Hollywood heavyweight RUSSELL CROWE. The film tells the tale of real-life boxing...

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