Rocker Courtney Love was devastated when she discovered she lost $20 million (GBP11 million) after members of her entourage stole all of her money. The CELEBRITY SKIN singer found herself in a downward spiral and began binging on drugs. She explains, "As (comedian) Chris Rock says, there's wealth and there's rich and rich can be gone with one crazy summer and a drug habit... and that's what happened. "But most of it got stolen. There's like an FBI investigation. They're slow those FBI guys, they go slow, they promise you the world... "Two assistants had power of attorney, I had a really bad boyfriend, it was a nightmare and there were like a hundred bank accounts that they were moving money through. "It was just bad. Drugs are cheap, I didn't blow it on drugs, drugs are relatively cheap when you talk about millions of dollars." Love insists that her life is back on track now and she has hired financial advisors to help manage her money. She adds, "Other people are watching it. I'm pretty much not allowed to touch it."