Courtney Love is still sore about having to pay for late make-up artist KEVYN AUCOIN's flight to Hollywood to style her for the 1997 Oscars - because he spent most of his time fixing Nicole Kidman's face.
The rocker admits she was thrilled by what Aucoin did for her on the morning of the Academy Awards - even though she was squeezed in between Kidman, her sister and members of Tom Cruise's family.
Love recalls, "I had to share him with Nicole Kidman. All of a sudden, Kevyn had to do her sisters, Tom Cruise's mother, Tom Cruise's sister... He was so apologetic.
"When Kevyn did my make-up that day, he was done by noon, and he gave me a teeny-weeny little sponge with some powder on it, and I was done.
"I went to the Academy Awards around 3pm... I was nervous and all that stuff... but that s**t stayed on."
She tells Nylon magazine, "The bill came for his flight, and I paid for it... I'm that big of a sucker. I should have fought with her (Kidman)."